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So I'm wondering if I will have to beat this guy down if he does not sell me the sewing machine.

Ap Oddly Enough: "Woman Loses Mind Over Craigslist Sewing Machine"

Ok, maybe I exaggerate, but it's been several weeks of sewing machine hunting and I am still sewing-machine-less. The crazy cheap one at Evil Wal-mart is now 69.99 - that must have been a one or two day deal as they are sold out online now. Guess I wasn't the only one who thought that price was super low. What I though was ridiculous was someone on Craigslist trying to sell that exact model for $70. It's may be new in the box, but why wouldn't I buy it from the store so that I'd have the warranty and such? Clearly, someone is either delusional or trying to pull a fast one.

Anyway, so I managed to find this guy who is selling his wife's sewing machine. I'm not sure if she is still around because he said "it WAS my wife's," but he sounded young so I'm thinking that perhaps they broke up or something. But then why does HE have the sewing machine? Why didn't she take it with her? Supposedly he never saw her use it so maybe she forgot about it and he just figured he'd sell it and get some money rather than give it back to her. I didn't ask because I figured that would be a little weird of me to start prying into a stranger's life and, really, I just want the damn sewing machine. He forgot it at his office which apparently he does not go to every day, so I won't be able to get it from him until, earliest, tomorrow. Which is a long time as it was Monday when we spoke; three days is like an eternity with Craigslist. He could sell it to someone else in that span of time. Like I said, Sewing machines on Craigslist are like cheap blow. He said he'd totally hold it for me since I was the first one he talked to, but, alas, I can't say I trust the Craiglist folks. They aren't always the most reliable group of people.

What do I plan on making? As you know, our master closet crapped out and fell down. This necessitated installing new closet organizer stuff and in the process of installation we took down the closet doors. I hate our cheap-ass closet doors that aren't wood or mirrored (they're just ugly) and the area looked so much more open with out them, I figured we'd leave them off. That being said, the whole world does not need to see my underwear on the floor, so I am going to make a curtain thingy with this here contraption from IKEA:

I also got some unbleached cotton cloth from IKEA for $1.97 a yard, so whenever I can get my hands on said sewing machine, I'm going to tackle that project. You might be wondering why I don't Nester-ify it with a glue gun and all that business, but I want it to be washable. Hot glue is not washable nor durable. So I got some iron on hemming stuff and I'm going to just finish the cut ends with the sewing machine so it doesn't come apart in the wash.

You're may be thinking it's overkill to get a sewing machine for that but I have other plans that include shortening pants for my dwarf legs, making more curtains for other areas of the house, etc, etc, etc. Don't worry, Frugal Folks, I will be using the sewing machine more than once. Provided I don't break it like I did the last one (well, can't say I broke it as much as it broke in transport to the last house - it was a Singer and, honestly, it wasn't all that great anyway). The one this guy is SUPPOSEDLY selling me is a Necchi. Anyone heard of this brand? The name sounds Italian but I've never heard of it before. Google research indicates it might actually be a good brand. Hope it isn't total crapola or older than the Electric Slide.


  1. I'm crossing my fingers that you get the sewing machine. I do not know anything about that brand, but I'm not exactly a great resource. There are tons of free patterns, etc on sewing blogs once you get through project #1.

  2. That is a good sewing project. I hope you get the machine from the widower. Or divorcee.

    Ask him what is up because those of us in blogland need to know.

  3. I'm am still laughing at the Electric Slide analogy. You cracke me up.


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