Amidst the Electrical Shenanigans (I am still reeling about the dead-end circuit, by the way. This shit isn't rocket science, how do you screw it up that much?), we made cabinet pulls and pendant light decisions.

I had been all about silver-toned pulls, as you might remember. The Husband was not. He wanted dark hardware. This went completely against my sense of order because the faucet (and soon pot-filler) are chrome. But I figured I'd humor him. So I polled people who came to visit the new kitchen on what their opinions were. Guess it is I that should be humored. Results were 4 to 2, dark handles. I was pretty shocked [me? wrong? you must be high]. I even added that the pendants were likely to be some kind of silver. Still, people said dark hardware to go with the counters. FINE.

I picked a pull from Lowe's and miraculously the Husband was cool with it. They were $2.97 each which is a whole lot better than the $11 per pull at Restoration Take All Your Money Hardware. Lowe's (like every other retailer) must be hurting because every time I buy something there, I get a coupon for $10 off my next purchase of $50 (expiring Christmas Eve). No Problemo, Senor Lowe's. I can do that. Easily. I feel like some kind if impostor, though, because clearly these coupons are meant for holiday gift purchasing for other people and I am totally using them for myself. Whatever. Total cost for my 27 pulls was $70.19 (plus tax which is a painful 8.25% since we bought them in the town next which passed some local city thing where they take an extra .5% more than every other city in San Diego County. Bastards.).

Here are some pics. Excuse the mess but things are still crazy - in comparison to the last 2 months, this is actually kind of organized.

I have to say, that I think he was right. I am liking the dark bronze pulls.

With this latest hardware decision meant that I went back to the pendant light drawing board again and managed to find one the Husband and I both agree on. If it ever freaking ships, since I ordered in Sunday and they have yet to ship it out. I have already started nagging them because that's what I do. I obsess and nag until I get the information I need.

[Pendant lights that I actually paid $69 for but for some reason the next day jumped to $89]

I figured I'd go back to the dark bronze tones - just the faucet and pot filler will be silver toned and that is ok with me [if I keep saying that maybe I'll believe it]. I am trying to detach from the idea that all fixtures and hardware must conform to one finish.

We have decided on the backsplash, but I am not sure I want to bite that off yet. I will likely cough up the moola to get the bonafide electrician to connect my dining room to the actual dining room circuit, and also move some outlets from one circuit to another so that the dishwasher/disposal are on their own, only sharing it with one or two outlets. Right now the refrigerator is on the same circuit as the dishwasher and disposal which is STUPID. I'm sure it'll be a royal pain in the ass to make the changes, with the wire fishing and drywall cutting, but my need to make it right is too overwhelming. I should have been an electrical engineer like my mother (before she got her Masters in Physics and started teaching high school).

Alright. Time to call the electrician. I've already procrastinated several hours on this task. During his last visit, I mentioned rectifying some of this mess he didn't seem too enthused.


  1. From the bit you can see in the photo, I think I'm loving your windows above the sink. I'm a sucker for windows. Natural light is the BEST.

  2. I like the dark hardware!

    Unseen money...hate it! I wish you could forget the electrical and spend it on the fru-fru stuff.

    But I understand the OCD thing. I have a mild case of it myself. In fact, I inherited from my father. He wanted all the screw heads on my light switch covers to be turned the same direction. East to West.

  3. Although I am usually a chrome/silver hardware girl, I REALLY like the dark hardware against that wood. i also think the pendants will look fantastic. Good luck with the electrician!


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