Again With the Paint?

I am back on the paint color decision house since I am incapable of settling on a paint color after trying 18 million different samples. I feel like an asshole with this paint color thing, but the reality is I haven't had to make a sweeping paint color decision since my first condo in 2003. And from what I remember, I probably wouldn't go with that choice again (it was a chocolate gray/tan). Our last house was a former model so I didn't have to do any painting - it looked great as-is. This house, on the other hand, was schizophrenic with paint colors; the last owners were nice folks but I really question their decorating choices. I mean, I'm sorry, but brass hardware and fixtures have no business in any decor from within the last 10 years (they bought the place in 2004), yet our kitchen had them including a very ugly brass chandelier. Those were the first things I ripped out. That and a wallpaper border in the downstairs bathroom. Don't even get me started on borders. I still have one in the Jack-and-Jill bathroom upstairs that I need to take down.

So, rather than plucking out more colors out of my butt, I picked two colors used by the This Young House duo. They have several pictures of their home with the colors so I at least had a good reference for what it might look like. Then I picked one additional color out of my butt. I have already eliminated one. Yeah. The one I tried to pick. Glidden's Basic Beige. Turned out looking entirely too much like the Contemporary White that I just can't get into because of it's very slight pink/lavender hue.

The other two are Water Chestnut and Sand White (in that order, in the photo).

I am leaning towards Water Chestnut, just because it's warmer. But I'm still not 100% sure. Internets, I welcome your opinions. Whether or not I follow them, is a different story entirely.


  1. if i am with you on which one is water chestnut, i agree. (is it the one on the bottom left as you look at the picture? if so - i like this best out of the 3)

  2. I agree with Amy. The large left one. Nice and warm. And when you get all that red furniture, it should look great with it. The other one on the right is a bit gray for me.

  3. I'm with these two girls....bottom large left. Good luck - and when you're done doing all those changes, do you have time to come my way and do house renos?? :) I have some painting and light fixture replacement projects that need to happen. Have a good xmas eve!

  4. The triangular shaped swatch is my pick, too! I always go for warm colors with a slight yellow undertone(as opposed to a pink or grayish tan, yuck.)

    My favorite is called Cookie Crumb by Glidden and my designer, Girly Stuff has given me permission to paint my master bedroom this color.


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