Behold! The Sewing Machine!

Ok, I stole this picture (since I'm too lazy to charge up the battery on our digital camera) from someone on eBay selling this model, USED, for... $250!!! I paid only 50 smackaroos! It has 30 flippin' stitches!

Yeah. This dude clearly didn't know it's true value. New, it's like $400. I handed that money over like I was buying Freedom From Adult Female Acne. I mean, as long as it works this might the deal of the year. Along with the $100 brand new Frigidaire microhood.

Now if I can just figure out how to use it.

The manual was not in the box; I can pay like $15 online for one but that seems like highway robbery. But they may have be my the Proverbial Balls since I don't seem to see it anywhere online for free or cheaper. Too bad my seamstress grandmother is all the way over in Italy. I could use her sage advice right now. She'd probably be all: "Ai fatto bene!" (you did well) with my Italian-made sewing machine purchase.

It's really cute too! You know that matters, right? I was so relieved that it wasn't all fugly.

And - in case you are wondering - Sewing Machine Dude is not a divorcee nor a widower (thank God). Just a husband trying to clear out his garage. He has his little one with him when I met him to pick it up - though he (she?) stayed in the truck so I never got to see him/her. Amy was definitely right to hold out for one on Craigslist. Looks like I got a great Italian-made machine for less than one of those Brother models, which, from what Google tells me, are not all that great.

In case you are also a Craigslist hunter, you can set up RSS feeds through Google Reader to get the updates right away. If you do a search via the site and then go down to the lower right-hand corner of Craigslist where it has the "RSS" logo, you can right click and say "Copy Link Location" and then in Google Reader add it as a subscription (example of copied RSS link: Then you can beat all those fanatical Sewing Machine Trolls trying to steak your good deal!

Also - thanks for all your backplash opinions. I think I am going to go all white after hearing from y'all [channeling my inner southerner]. I love the green color but, I can always add decor with some color punch like Girly Stuff mentioned. It'll be easier and cheaper, too! If I can save a buck, I am there. And, thanks, Steve! Whoever you are!


  1. He may not have known the value...OR...he could have been just really anxious to get rid of it. LOL

  2. You go girl! That is a steal you just got yourself! A-rod's got nothing on you (or Madonna and her yoga-self).

    I found the pic of that floor I was trying to get for you. But now I'm unsure because it might look too similar to your subway tile. But it is worth a look.

    It is the floor on p.134

    I love how you Californians can pop open your doors and windows without worrying about humidity and mosquitoes. Or at least in all the magazines it looks that way.

    I can't wait to see the subway tile. It's a steal too.

  3. Oh, nice steal on the machine! I'm searching for a dog for my stepmother on Craigslist, so I feel I am a kindred Craigslist warrior at the moment...

  4. Don't you just love a great deal? So now you will be monogramming all your pillows and towels, huh, in true southern style.

  5. IT'S BEAUTIFUL! Congrats! I'm jealous of all of your stitching options!


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