What Happens When You Don't Blog for Four Days?

You end up with way too much crap in your head and it's damn near impossible to coherently get it out without boring the living poop our of your readers.


So where was I? The dishwasher. Right.

I felt like Mr. Fix-it after last Wednesday. I tested the dishwasher out in the open and found that there was no leak (not in the wall, not from the appliance) - Yay! Holy Breathing-A-Sigh-of-Relief. Well, actually, I lie, there was one leak. I found a small one at the top of the drain line where it hooks into the air gap. I moseyed on over to the local appliance store that has been in business for a bajillion years - ok, 44 years or something, so a while, and it felt good to buy something from a local non-chain store. Talked to all the appliance guys who seemed shocked that I knew anything about dishwashers and they managed to get me the part I needed. Performed minor surgery hooking up the new drain line and, Presto Change-o! Dishwasher works like a charm. So much better than the crappy Maytag the previous owners left us. My glasses actually look clean and it doesn't sound like my dishwasher is eating my silverware! Amazing.

I also had my parents to pick up a brand new Frigidaire microhood for $100 on their way down to our house for Turkey Day. Another Craigslist find, this guy apparently had worked for a bankrupted home builder who, rather than let the bank repossess everything, took out the appliances from thew new homes and gave them to his/her employees as their bonuses. While I know that's illegal, I think it was sort of refreshing to hear a company trying to somehow take care of it's employees in whatever way it could. Inland Empire is really taking a beating in the real estate market. I hope it stops soon because so many people out there are employed in construction. By noon on Saturday, all appliances were installed, matched in color, and working! Woo hoo!

And the master closet?

That was another fun one. We finished Saturday night but not without Yours Truly making two more trips to IKEA. I am so over that place and I love IKEA. That is telling you something. First time I went up there was right when it opened at 9am in Costa Mesa (made the longer trip north since it opened earlier than the one in San Diego) to return the closet shelves for more shallow ones. Get home and we realize that we, indeed, needed the deeper ones in order to install the hanging rods. The smaller brackets aren't made for the rods. Who was pissed off again? Me? No. Of course not. So I went back, this time down to San Diego, and had to buy the same stuff I had returned just 4 hours earlier. I was a sweaty mess by the end of it all. And apparently one of the IKEA loading helpers thought I was strong because I crouched down to lift 3 MDF shelves and after I lifted them up into the RAV I heard him mumble "fuerte" (since when your at the IKEA in San Diego 50% of the people are speaking Spanish). I guess he was expecting this little 5 foot nothing to need some help. Ha! I got yoga!

We got everything installed, and I start putting my stuff back into my closet. I find that it's not all going to fit and I have entirely too many clothes. I consider myself to be a low-maintenance gal but when I realized that it was more than just a few things needed to go in order to fit everything, I felt kind of disgusted that I had that many clothes. In reality, it's probably less than most women in my age group and income bracket, but STILL. Seven pairs of jeans is enough. I ended up jettisoning 2 pairs of jeans and 4 pairs of pants. And lots of other stuff, skirts, shirts, sweaters, etc. This is after I already purged a butt-load back in August for my last garage sale. I have now come to the conclusion that if I buy something - especially pants/jeans - I must first purge an equal number of existing pants/jeans. No more of this excessive clothes collecting!

Gobble, Gobble

The Thanksgiving meal in the new kitchen went off without a hitch. Just like last year, my father and I were the head cooks, drinking PBR, and taking care of all the dishes (except for desert which my mother handled). The new kitchen makes having two people working at the same time tolerable. Maybe even enjoyable. Last year, I felt so much more frustration because I spent so much time have to constantly clear stuff away to make room on the counters to prepare the next dish while bumping into my father trying to get to the fridge or stove. So much better this year. And in case you are wondering - I had my worst 5K time ever. It's OK, though, I was still under 30 minutes if I time from when I crossed the start line (we were way back) which ain't so bad when you consider I hadn't run AT ALL in 8 months; and I helped my friend get her best time by being a good pacer. That felt good to be able to at least help someone else!

Anywho, I hope everyone had a great holiday and I didn't bore you to death with this epistle. It's over now. At least it was shorter than War and Peace.

Until Next Time,
Freshly-Cleaned-Toothed-with-Only-Three-4mm-Pockets Chacha


  1. You've been awfully busy!

    Good job on the dishwasher. Muy bien senora fuerte, as they would say at Ikea de San Diego.

    I too have minimized the amount of clothing I own. Mine naturally happened as a result of wearing scrubs all the time and having no place to go since I have kids.

    I'm glad you only have 3 4mm pockets. She probably just held the probe wrong. I'm sure you don't have any! :)

  2. Your fans go wild??

    I know, I know, becaise we were getting worried about you.

    I don't know a thing about the 3 4 mm stuff...but it sounds like Thanksgiving went well and the new kitchen works! Hallelujah!

  3. Your worst time is still probably better than my best.

    I have to miss our phone call tonight...I'm going to a play. Next week, same bat time, same bat channel?


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