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I had been thinking that if I was going to post something, that I should have some pictures of the latest happenings but I have realized that if I wait until I manage to take pictures and download them to my computer, that I won't post anything until sometime next week. I hate that camera - but I am too cheap to do anything about it. Well, not really cheap, I'd probably be cool with a $150 version but then The Husband would get all pissy that I didn't buy something GOOD that costs more like $250. Then nothing ever gets purchased because I hate buying the more expensive stuff and he hates buying the mid-range stuff. I suppose this is another way to be thrifty. Marry your fiscal opposite and you will never agree to buy anything.

Anyway, so, yeah, no pictures, but progress has been made! Well, progress considering I had four Christmas parties to attend from Thursday to Saturday. Which is why I did a fruit fast yesterday until 7pm when I couldn't pass up having some cheese with my Syrah (which I rationalized was made from fruit). Then some pizza. And kettle corn. So I almost made it the whole day. Either way, I already feel better today - I feel "cleaned out" like only someone who has eaten fruit for nearly 24 hours could feel. If you catch my drift.

OK, I keep veering off track. Progress. Right. On Saturday morning, after nearly melting into an unrecognizable puddle on the floor of a 106+ degree Bikram yoga class (I had a free class as new student at tee studio, so there ain't no way I would be passin' up anything that's free, so I went back for more torture) and feeling like a rung out gym towel, I installed the two pendants over the seating area, with a wee bit of help from the Husband when I needed an extra set of hands. The pendants required a lot of assembly - so much so that as I looked at all the pieces and just the one diagram with no written instructions, I had a mini panic attack that I might not be able to figure it out (generally, anything mechanical in nature doesn't phase me). But I managed to get them installed in about an hour or so and they look great. I really must get a picture for you guys - they compliment the cabinet pulls really well.

The Husband fitted the space behind the sink with plywood so that the backsplash can be installed and I have cleaned 1400 pounds of dust from the office. I'm almost done - still have the closet to get to. Literally, I have been vacuuming up the dust it is so bad. I have spent about 6 hours cleaning up the office. I sure hope we are mostly done with this construction dust business.

The final bit of progress, other than my crown being done and having a broken filling fixed yesterday (I am keeping the dentist in business, over here), is the tree. The Christmas tree is up with all it's Target-Special trimmings. As Girly Stuff says, it seems things keep getting swallowed up into the tree. I suppose that's good - we have lots of space to collect more ornaments. The Husband still bitches about the tree and it's fakeness, but seeing as I spent maybe $60 or $70 on the tree (50% off on Dec 26th!) and we're on the 4th year of use, it has already paid for itself. A real tree is like $30 minimum, requires strapping it to the roof of the car to get it home, cleaning up needles, filling up with water, etc, etc, etc. More upkeep than I care to do. That's not to say I don't understand the appeal of a real tree - the evergreen smell and the natural look that no fake tree can truly recreate. As a child, we always had a real one until my father knocked it over one year creating a water stain on the carpet that never completely came out. My mother was not a happy camper. I think you can still be Festive with Fake.

And is anyone else trying to wrap his/her head around this whole Fed funds rate - i.e. banks lending money to other banks for practically free? I feel like slapping myself in the face, repeatedly, in an attempt to wake up from this crappy dream. Fed funds rate of 0.0% to .25%? Huh? That right there, folks, is yet another indicator of the shitty mess in which we are wallowing around. It's like Best Buy with it's Same As Cash financing on all purchases greater than $299.


  1. Maybe hanging those little pine tree car fresheners all over the tree would help your husband out.

    I can't wait to see pictures. Here is a camera that the lady uses:



    I thought it was reasonable for the quality. Christmas present from husband? Or would you rather have a new yoga mat or kitchen thingy?

    I don't understand the bank to bank thing. Why do they have to borrow money from each other?

  2. Your camera situation describes our dynamic to a T. I'm cheap, he's not.

    I can't wait to see the pendants...I don't remember which ones you decided on.

    I have come to love my fake tree. No smell, its true, but I put three pieces together and plug it in! And yes, you break even in the second year.


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