I Got Off My Lazy Butt...

And took some pictures for this here blog thingy.

(1) My less than awe-inspiring Christmas tree: Seriously, I'm just happy we got the thing up this year amist the mess. You'll notice (a) there there is no flooring in the living room - just concrete subfloor, and (b) the patch on the wall directly to the right of the tree and also lower right - battle scars from the Great Plumbing Disaster of 2008 [Post Disclaimer: lots of grumpy potty-mouth-ness and breaking of the 2nd Commandment]. Those patches still need to be sanded, primed, textured, and painted. Feh.

(2) My slightly more inspiring kitchen pendant lights: Only one photo has them turned on since I realized AFTER I had already uploaded the first batch, that it was best to take shots with the lights on - a little trick I learned from my real estate agent last year. I really only had time to grab one photo before running out of the house to the office. I am digging these pendants - they are a bit larger than I would have liked, but other than that, I am satisfied. All that planning for silver-toned hardware and lights and here I am with oiled bronze. The counters have just been oiled so that's why there's a sheen on them.

All the ceiling holes from the last bit of electrical work have been patched, floated, sanded, painted - just the wall patches need the finishing work which I'll get to when we decided the final paint color. Next task will be to get started on the backsplash - hopefully this weekend!


  1. I love the pendants! they look fantastic!

  2. Your fake tree looks very real. Tell husband to chillax!

    I really like the pendants! The whole lighting effect in the kitchen is great!

    We're so proud of you ChaCha! Good job!

  3. Your kitchen looks fabulous. You've done a lot of work and deserve a fake tree if it helps you two do less work. LOL

  4. Love those pendants. Why did I expect them to be a shade of silver? Gorg! I love the slight retro feel.

    You needed the tree or you would be depressed about not having one. And next year when your projects are done you'll have time to put up multiple trees (like Miss Priss) and that can go in one of your show rooms!


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