"Chacha-land" is a Useless Term

I went from meme-less several months ago to Meme-a-plenty! Amy has meme'd me, but since I don't have lots of people to meme that haven't been meme'd recently, I'm going to dead end my meme tentacle by not tagging anyone else.

My 6 Random Facts From This Week...

[Just so I can make it also an update to the daily goings on over here in Chacha-Land... why do they call Southern California the "Southland", and Chicago, "Chicagoland"? I don't get that. I guess maybe the same reason I just called my domain Chacha-land, which would be entirely for shits and giggles, meaning no purpose whatsoever.]

(1) Monday, I got Crown Number Two installed on my lower right hand molar - just starting to chew on it and last night I tried flossing next to it for the first time and was relieved that it didn't fly off leaving me with the gimpy messed up tooth below. Girly Stuff would probably tell me that I didn't have anything to worry about with adhesion to my real tooth, but I can't help imagining the worst possible outcome. Because that's what hypochondriacs do.

(2) My American Airlines miles were about to expire back in November and I didn't have enough for a ticket, nor was it small enough to just let go. So I traded some in for a whole slew of magazine subscriptions (which apparently, also buys me more time with what's left of the miles) including Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast. This resulted in me studying their huge list of Merlot and Syrah reviews because anything with numbers and ratings seems to appeal to me. Unfortunately, this meant that when I went to Vons last night I remembered all the affordable ones as I was perusing the red wine aisle and ended up taking home 6 bottles (they were around $6 a pieces - so quite cheap - and if I bought 6 I got 10% off!). Wine, beer, and food are probably the only things I can spent money on without too much guilt. Don't ask me why because I don't really know. Anyway, if you like wine (and can find this one) the Pepperwood Grove Merlot is definitely worth the money (scored an 82/100). I only paid $5.40 - normally it's like $9. Even at $9 it is a decent buy. Under $6 it is a steal.

(3) I got into my car this morning and realized that I had a sheet of ice on my windshield. Yeah. Ice. In coastal San Diego county. Winter has arrived.

(4) Speaking of winter, I finally succumbed to turning on the heat last night. Apparently everyone else in the office has done so already, but I has been fighting it to keep my gas bill from going up. However, when you come home after a full day of sunshine and the house is still 60 degrees, that means you will freeze your ass off at night. So we turned it to 63 until we went to bed and then turned it to 60. I know if and when we have kids we won't be able to be so miserly with heat, but for now, I can deal with it just as long as I have an extra blanket.

(5) [Note: This isn't a fact about me, but an opinion from me - I guess it's a fact in my mind] The following politicians are idiots: Blagojevich, Stevens, and Craig. I don't understand how you can be convicted of something (well, Blagojevich hasn't yet, but I'm sure it's coming) and insist on not resigning like nothing has happened and you are completely innocent. Just step down already; being elected doesn't entitle you the ability to break the law without consequence.

(6) Finally. Two nights this week I have dreamt about babies. Seriously. WTF. My only guess is that on Wednesday we had lunch with a friend who recently had a little one (and she had said tiny one with her), and our old friends in Texas are now expecting and we got the latest belly shot update this week (this seems like the thing to do when you get preg-o; sending pictures of your belly to people you know on a monthly basis). Maybe those things resulted in my mind spawning baby dreams. Or maybe the want-a-baby "disease" is starting to happen for me.


  1. Now that I know you have a Wine Spectator Subscription I'll totally be houndin' you for good buys.

  2. You should have subscribed to Parenting!

    Can you believe it snowed in Las Vegas?

    When you floss your crown, drag the floss out, don't pop it out. And nothing sticky. Especially, Bit O Honeys.

  3. Are the belly shots of people with whom you are close? LOL I never sent belly shots to anyone. Maybe I don't have friends like that, or friends who would LIKE that...LOL

  4. Do you mean Belly Porn as I have heard it referred to? Just a note of warning about the babylust...it can come on quick and suddenly you can't see your feet and you'd kill your brother for a beer or a glass of wine and you're thinking "Oh God, what have I gotten myself into?" I'm just sayin'.

    Speaking of thrifty wines...some friends of ours went to a wine tasting party where everyone brought a bottle and they did a blind tasting. Bogle Merlot won hands down.

  5. Thursday morning driving to Santa Barbara the mountains around me were all covered in snow.
    It was so strange, but I appreciated it: It made me feel Christmas-y, which was nice cause this year the spirit's MIA. Blame it on the November wildfires, the econalypse precluding all shopping sprees, or Obamania exhaustion.


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