My Christmas Eve Morning

First off, my dog has a bad habit of needing to pee in the middle of the night, lately. That means that getting up at 3am to deal with her knocks me out until after 7am in the morning when I normally get up around 6:30am. There were some things I had to pick up today and knowing that it's not an ideal day to try to get shopping done, I figured I'd get out in the morning in an attempt to beat the crowds. I still have to work today, so I had a limited amount of time. Already starting out later than I would have liked, I hit the road.

The drivers. Oh, the drivers this morning. Every slow poke and their grandmother was out on the road. All the time in the world, these people have. I mean, like so slow that other drivers like me were maneuvering around them in frustration. I'm glad they don't have a job to get to today, but I do, so drive remotely close to SPEED LIMIT, already. I get to Target at 8:30am and the place is an unholy mess. It wasn't crazy busy, but still busy for 8:30am. Stuff was strewn everywhere. I get some TP because we are running dangerously low and that's no way to spend Christmas. Without TP. I head over to the ornaments/holiday decoration area and find such a complete mess, you would think it was the 26th when everything is 50% off. I am wondering where this recession is because from the looks of Target, people are shopping. I manage to find a cute ornament for the neighbors and then head off to find a potato masher.

Wouldn't you know it? They are all out of potato mashers. Both styles. In fact, who knows what else they were out of because there were 18 million empty slots in the kitchen area. I find two potato ricers left, and grab one of them. It'll do the job rather than having to use a fork to mash potatoes whereby my arm falls off from fatigue. I make an attempt to grab one more gift for the Husband, and, OF COURSE, they are all out of it.

I get in line and my patience is worn somewhat thin since my shoes are aggravating me and I slept wrong on my neck so that when I turn my head to the left, it screams at me. I am in line behind Miss Oblivious. She is taking nearly the entire belt with like 4 items and then when it starts to move up, she doesn't grab the divider to help me out. She's too busy trying to pick out GUM for herself.

The grocery store is my final stop and, thankfully, it is not looking like a flea market. I grab my three things and off I go. Only to be stuck behind another devil may care driver who has no place to go other than the same route I am going all slow pokey. Somehow, I manage to make it into the office my 9:30am (crazy!). I head over to the break-room for my morning coffee and on the refrigerator I notice some pictures from our holiday party, everyone smiling. I manage to find one, too, remembering how much fun it was to spend time with my coworkers who are also my friends. Because that's what Christmas is all about. Getting today with friends and family to celebrate the season of giving and celebrate each person's light. Even if they are slow pokes on the road on Christmas Eve.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! May we find Peace on Earth!


  1. Our Target looked about like yours two days ago...don't they know to order extras of things like potato mashers and kid bikes?

    Hope your Christmas is restful and happy!

  2. Have a Merry Christmas! My Living Room looks like Target this morning!


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