Meme Combo - Two for One

OK, so before I am termed a lazy butt for not getting to my memes in a reasonable amount of time, I am going to combine two memes into one. I was meme'd by Tooj for 7 random facts, and I was also meme'd by Girly Stuff for a whole slew of Christmas facts. So. I am giving 7 random Christmas facts about Yours Truly. I guess that still makes me sort of a lazy butt.

(1) I'm an only child but on my father's side of the family I have 24 first cousins. My dad is one of 8. Those French Canadians like to have lots of kids, I guess. Anyway. So, every year we had our family party on Christmas Eve and my grandparents would rent a hall to accommodate everyone.

(2) Every year at said party, one of the uncles would dress up like Santa Claus and come in to disperse the Christmas presents - usually it was my uncle Danny. Also, at these shindigs there was some Christmas song that they wanted a kid to sing and they would pick me. Because I am a ham and also because I can sing. Who's full of herself. Anyway.

(3) I'm the fourth oldest cousin and until I was 12 or so, families bought gifts for every cousin (we hadn't hit 24 kids, at that point. At some point probably around 15 cousins, we switched to doing the 1:1 exchange with drawing names). My parents wouldn't start shopping until the 23rd! We'd get it all done in one fell swoop at Toys R Us.

(4) My immediate family (parents and little old me) would open gifts on Christmas Day.

(5) I'm a little fuzzy on the exact age that I knew Santa wasn't real, but I think it was around 8 or so. My mother, the Physicist who has little to no filter when it comes to the truth, told me he wasn't real. I don't remember it being a big deal to me. The bad thing was at some point down the line, she spilled the beans to my best friend whose mom then got bent out of shape that my mother did that. That's my mom, though. No filter.

(6) We keep the tree up until January 6th, the day of the Epiphany. Also tied to that date is an old Italian tradition called La Befana which has a whole story/fable tied to it. Essentially she is a "Christmas Witch" who leaves kids gifts during the night. Obviously she is a good witch. Anyway, so our tree would stay up until that date and I would look forward to what the "witch" would bring me.

(7) My tree is not up yet. Likely, it will go on the weekend of the 20th due to Christmas parties and this daggone kitchen remodel. And I haven't started my shopping yet. Guess my parents transferred their Christmas procrastination to me!


  1. That's a lot of cousin burden to put on your aunts and and dad didn't want to add to that total anymore? :) I like the combo of facts...very tidy and informative.

  2. Hmm...only child, huh? Daughter of a straightforward scientist. Its all coming together now! :)


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