Time for backsplash decisions. I have already settled on something with white Subway tile (Lowe's has basic 3" x 6" subway tile for only 22 cents each) but I wanted to add some color, maybe some green to bring out the green accents in the soapstone. So I'm thinking of putting a line of smaller subway tiles about half-way up the wall.

I ordered some samples (little 1" x 2" tiles) from a mosaic tile place and these are my ideas:

The Husband doesn't think we should use any black in the backsplash (which I don't get since he was all about black handles to match the counters). I, on the other hand, would like some black accents. I think I am leaning towards the green in the middle with black border but I like the black in the middle, too.

Any opinions?


  1. When installing traditional white 3 x 6 subway tile in the normal running brick pattern it is usually advisable to stick with the same size tiles if you choose to add accent pieces. Choosing a different size subway tile piece, in this case the 1" x 2" pieces often makes an area look to busy given that a traditional subway install already has quite a bit of "movement" built in to that look. Just a thought.....

  2. Will Steve come to my house and advise?

    Of course I have an opinion...what'd you expect?

    I am weird about resale. Stick with all white subway tile and accent with green/black decor. You never want to be the avocado green or the mauve and country blue house. Especially if you guys are staying put for a long time. If you were selling next year then colored subway tile would be fine.

    But I like the green and black. Just maybe do canisters or plates with it.

  3. i agree with steve - i think that having two different sizes of the subway tile may be too much.

    have you thought about using black and white only subway tiles - no green? i like the green color, but girly stuff makes a good point regarding resale value and using the green in more accent pieces.

  4. I love the green color. My bathroom is yellow though, so I might be an odd opinion...

  5. I don't disagree with GS, but not because I don't like colored tiles. I just love the idea of all white subway tile...

    Make it look pretty just for you.

    We waited until we were selling our last house to do the things we dreamed of and someone else got to enjoy 'em. ...And when I went by a month later to pick up some mail, I saw that they painted over my totally red-hot entry way!

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