Wow, Am I Boring Today

This morning it was uber difficult to get my butt out of bed to go practice. Yesterday, we went wine tasting and then ended up having a few brewski's afterwards with a pal, so I had a mini hangover this morning (small - not bad though, probably more dehydration). Additionally, I was up until 10:30pm cooking my lunch for the week so this morning I was really wanting to stay in bed with my dog snuggled up next to me. But I managed to get up at 6am (20-30 minutes later than ideal) and in the end only about 10 minutes of schedule. Not much to speak of about practice other than I felt more like lead today - the hand-binding that happened in supta kurmasana last time was gone today. And I came up once from back bend and also fell on my ass once when I attempted a second stand up. In the assisted back bends, if Kiran hadn't had a good grip on me I would have crashed on my head. My legs were pooped out for some reason. Oh well. I think part of it might be PMS - I'm expecting Aunt Flo sometime at the end of the week, if her train is on schedule (the 28-day schedule it's supposed to be on). Now lunch has rolled around and I feel pooped. I am on Diet Coke number two, hoping that the caffeine will kick in to wake my sorry ass up.

Yay for Tofu!

My lunch was interesting - I stayed up making a tofu and mushroom marsala (did you know marsala wine is like 18% alcohol? Yikes!) concoction from the greatest cookbook ever (yes, again, Moosewood). And as expected, the cookbook delivered another good recipe. Maybe not my favorite thus far but certainly good enough to repeat. It's not like I have tofu recipes coming out my ears, so even if it's only 4 out of 5 stars, that is good enough. Only took 40 minutes to make and I get my daily dose of phyto-nutrients since it includes a can of diced tomatoes.

Tomorrow is a big day...

Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont are voting tomorrow and, boy, do I hope Obama finishes this shiz-nit off already. CNN has this nifty delegate counter ( where you can try to predict who wins what state that remains and see if one gets the necessary 2025 delegates. I played around with it, making my own predictions, giving Hillary certain states like Rhode Island, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, etc. In the end, Obama is still on top, he makes the 2025 in the end. The reality is she has to start winning big or she is out. I think that if tomorrow, the splits between then are again within a few percentage points (52-47, that range) it won't matter if she is on the winning end. It might matter a little bit for momentum, but I just don't see her getting the nomination at this point. I mean, she's not out like Huckabee is out - his chances are hopeless, but Clinton still would have to pull off wins ala 2004 Red Sox vs. the Yankees for the AL pennant.

What? No Rain?

As much as my bank account was enjoying a $20 reduction in water bill amount, I am happy to have gotten two days without rain and blah cloudiness. We have had an astonishing amount of rain for southern California. In the month of February, shortest month of the year, we got 7.86 inches of rain. That is insanity. Normal is 2.66. I mean, I know the argument of "we need it" but it really gets old after a while. And I'm not sure it does all that good to rain excessively for a month or two and then be bone dry for 6 months. Better if it were interspersed, but this is Cali and that's not the way the climate works. But, boy, do I welcome the clear sky and warmer temperatures. I hope it lasts more than a few days...


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