Something Else Has Shit the Bed

That would be my cell phone. Last night, after class, I pulled it out and set the volume back to medium from none (since a teacher can't be having their cell phone yakking off in class), threw it back into my bag. At which point, it makes a weird beepy noise like I got a text or something, or the battery was dead. I pull it back out and it is in the process of rebooting itself. From this point it never came back. It remained with the "Verizon Wireless" splash screen trying to boot up. No amount of pulling out the battery, pressing 18 million buttons, did anything at all to knock it out of it's persistent reboot state. It's like that run-level in linux environments (rc6.d) where it continually shuts down and reboots. Yes, I am a dork.

So, I am phone-less. Which is weird. Not that I am a cell phone talker anyway. But it's unnerving that I don't have one - like if I get stuck on the road or something. And this f'ed up state of phone also means my phone numbers that were stored in there are probably not retrievable. I suppose I could go to a Verizon store, but we have been planning a provider switch for a while now, so I don't want to get a new Verizon phone and have to resign a 2-year contract. Further (yes, further), the fraud alert on my credit report says to call my cell phone on credit requests, so that means hubby MUST be the owner of the new cell phone account (which isn't the case now), and I hope that doesn't screw up the procurement of new cell phone service which needs to happen ASAP. Phew!

Twilight Zone?

The other weird thing last night was the content of the studio's shopping center parking lot. The farmer's market store closes around the time I get out of class. I was out probably 5 minutes after it closed. The lot was almost completely empty aside from 4 police vehicles (3 cars, 1 SUV) which were all empty. No one in them. The one cop car next to my car had the engine running. With no one in there. It was bizarre. Then my phone died. I had momentary paranoia that the apocalypse was coming. But Sirius CNN was blabbing on about Obama stuff so I figured, unless it was a taped thing, no major catastrophic events had transpired while I was teaching my class.

Finally, Practice.

Well, I am bummed that Friday is a moon day. Means no Mysore for me which means no practice until Sunday morning. I will have to squeeze in a class on Saturday morning and I am debating staying local, going to Ashtanga Improv (which ends late, 11am), or going to an Anusara class. I am limiting my options to either free classes at the studios where I teach, or classes at the "shala" (since I am paying the unlimited monthly there). Gotta conserve - the economy is freaking me out.

Anyway. Practice. Yes, back on track after those rabbit holes.

Today's practice felt better than the noodley practice on Monday morning. Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana continues to annoy me, royally. Marichasana D was worlds better than Monday. Took minimal effort on Tim's part to get me into the pose. I was pretty close on my own - though when I mentioned that he said close is only good for hand grenades and horseshoes.


The other thing I got help with (significant pulling of arms by Tim) that was better was garba pindasana! And that was without the coconut body butter help (last, last Sunday he wrenched me into it, but I had put lotion on my shins/calves that morning which helped immensely with the sliding of the arms through). Hands did not reach face but I could roll around on my own. I attempted Kukkutasana about 14,000 times (ok, at least 5, I lost count). For two times, I held for like a second and fell back. The last one, I landed on my face and my lotus fell apart. But I will take it. Thank you, universe, that was fun! Got some yummy adjustments from another teacher whose name I don't know but she is super-nice. I need to get her name, already. Sheesh!

The other thing that made me feel better was that I actually had someone practicing next to me who wasn't plowing through 2nd series. Thus, I am not the only schmuck drudging through the beginning stuff. Looked like she had similar sticking points - mari D, garba pindasana, supta kurmasana, though I may be a tad closer on those, but her back bends rocked the party that rocked the party. We've all got something.I know I should leave my ego at the door but it felt good to see someone in Mysore around my level for a change!


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