The Breakroom Vending Machine....

Contains a snack that has been taunting me as I walk by the last few days.


I don't understand it. Why am I attracted to their obnoxiously loud pink color? Why do I want to eat those fluffy coconut dusted balls? They just look so tasty -- it is wrong.

Calorie Count's website says they have 340 calories, 10 grams of fat of which 7 grams (7!!!) are saturated fat. 34% of your daily value of saturated fat (if you're daily calories are 2000. For me, I am around 1500, so that would be about 44% of my daily value. Nice. I think I might eat less than 7 grams per day as it is.

I will continue to pine away for the snoballs. Maybe one day I will cave and report if it was worth the health splurge.

Effing Credit Crisis

Maybe I should have figured this out seeing as I have half a financial brain, but I didn't. Hindsight is always 20-20. Last April when we bought our current house, we, of course, did not have the requisite 20% down. We had 11% leaving 9% to be financed with a 2nd mortgage. Being the risk-averse type that I am and having been through 4% of rate hikes with our last variable rate home equity line of credit, I went for a fixed rate home equity loan getting 8.375%. Realistically, that is not all that bad, the best you can get now is around 7.25% for a fixed rate.

But! If I had been betting against the economy (which I should have been because the dollar was falling hard, houses were sitting on the market super long -- it was obvious we were going to start heading somewhat south), I would have gone with a variable rate and now would have a rate around 6% instead of 8.375%. It irks me. I mean, the payment would be over 80 bucks less per month. I could pay that mo-fo off much quicker.

And we can't refinance it. I refinanced a HELOC back in 2004 when I had a crappy rate from Countrywide, but it's not an option in 2008. Our house's value has dropped more than 10%. With banks tightening their requirements, it's impossible to get a good rate if you don't have at least 20% equity. We *had* 10%, now we have none. We are even or under water. So, I will just have to suck it up and pay the extra interest - but it blows. It totally blows hairy monkey balls.

Call Me Crazy

But I actually like the taste of tofu. That is strange, isn't it. I know.

I am on day two of my tofu/mashroom marsala and I am totally enjoying the tofu.

I am also trying a slice of my husband's bank-breaking bread. He didn't check the price before putting it into the cart and when it rang up, it was $5.25 for a loaf. I had to look at the reciept several times just to make sure I was seeing the right numbers. I will admit, it is some good bread, but no way is it worth 3 bucks extra per loaf. I mean, seriously. That kind of price makes me think I should start making my own stinkin' bread.

Six is enough, thank you.

This morning's back bending total was 8. I only did 6 of them, resting for #2 and #4. Dropped down and came up once, at the end. I am not pushing my luck by trying it more than once. I have learned to listen to the body after the morning of 12 back bends. My arms and legs are still pooped - I think I am acclimating to 3-5 days a week when I was doing maybe 1-2 previously.

And this morning was packed! Holy moly. I didn't even get a spot near a wall. When it came time for handstands/boats, I had to use one of the pillars or be one of the only ones only doing lolasana. And hot. It is imperative that I get there earlier because the spot near the blankets and prop cabinet gets too enough morning sunshine. The temperature was a bit uncomfortable. Not to mention blinding during parivritta parsvakonasana. Must get there earlier - don't want to fry and be without a wall again.


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