A Post of Whiny Whininess. I am the Queen of Kvetch-ing.

I graduated college ten or so years too late it seems. My alma mater has followed suit with the other Ivies stating that parents making under 60K wouldn't have to pay anything, under 100K wouldn't have to pay tuition (just room and board), and any students receiving financial aid wouldn't have any student loans. Well, my parents fell under 60K and they paid out over 60K over 4 years. I still owe 12K and have paid 8K. It's kind of irksome just because I am STILL paying for this stuff 8 years after graduating and we were under the 60K bottom rung of income. Still paying. Blah. I will be paying for probably another 5 years and students will have already graduated with a free ride. Why didn't they figure out that it was unfair back then? Tuition was 30K+ in 1996. That's just as ludicrous as it is now. Phooey. I'm glad they did it but it's still poopy for those of us from lower-middle families that got stuck paying an awful lot.

Rusty is recovering after yet another paw(s) flare up. Vet still thinks it's still the demodex - I have no idea at this point. It looks like he has finally stopped bleeding everywhere. The tile floor is disgusting but I saw no point to mopping it when it would just get dirty as soon as I was done. If I can find some time tonight and I'm not tired, I might mop it... I just hope he can stay OK while we are away. It would be a little too much drama for my parents to handle if he regresses while they are watching the pups. I'll have to stress to them that it is super-important to cone him because it's impossible to watch him 24-7, and any licking is going to throw the last 3 days of healing out the window. Boy, I hope this clears up - vet thinks it could take like 6 months - we're in the 3rd month now, so half-way there? Hope so.

In an effort to organize my kitchen better (because it is the smallest kitchen you will find in a 2000 sq ft house and we're not doing the addition with a potential recession), I got this under-the-cabinet trash thing that slides out. Well, it appears it may be a complete waste of money. We'll see. I installed it, recessed a little - like 2 inches into the cabinet. Went to pull the bag out last night and I couldn't get it out because 1/2 the bin was still under the cabinet. So. I un-installed and re-installed the tracks to be further forward. It's it as close as you can get it - I have maybe 1 cm between the handle and the back of the cabinet door. When I pull it out it still looks like I won't be able to pull out a full bag. It's poorly designed. It'll be a waste of 16 bucks. I'm a little peeved because kitchen cabinets are a standard height and they designed a trash bin that doesn't work with that height. Basically, it has to be not full to be able to pull out the bag. If it doesn't work this time I will have to just get a plastic trash bin that fits under there with no sliding business. What a rip-off.

And it seems appropriate that we'd be making a road trip to Arizona just when the gas prices are hitting all-time highs. Good timing, definitely. I mean, $109 a barrel? That's just super. Let's go drive 760 miles this weekend. Can someone whack Bush 43's across the head for putting us in this financial nightmare? Seriously. This isn't the Texas Rangers where if you f**k up, someone bails you out. There is no one to bail us out. Ugh, it's pointless.

How much did I bitch this entry? Geez Louise! Ladies holiday = no yoga = a tad cranky.


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