Water, My Ass! Get this Guy Some Pepto-Bismol!

Because I love Spaceballs. Anyway.

We were rid of the parents' presence as of yesterday morning. Only for them to arrive back at my house this morning. Why, might you ask? Well, it's a long story but it ultimately comes down to vomit and loose poo. Mostly the latter. My cousin, who lives in a Carribean US territory (not too give too many specific details), was here for a convention. Here being about 40 minutes south actually. She was supposed to leave for Vegas-baby-Vegas yesterday with her buds with whom she was traveling. Her flight back home is out of Vegas...

Here's where the uncontrolled bodily functions come into play. And guess who had to pick her up yesterday? The hubby. Guess where she is at now? The house.

I am hoping to avoid catching this, if it is a bug. I have no desire to be sick even if it results in losing a few pounds to the ceramic gods.

I suppose this is another example of a good side-effect to having your parents within driving distance. Otherwise she would have been all by her lonesome at my house, getting lick-attacked by Nikki, and bumped into by cone-head. Instead she gets to hang out with my weirdo parents which is better than nothing. Better than a poke in the eye with a stick! And, they'll be driving her to LAX tomorrow to fly to Vegas (which works better for our work situation...).

I guess if I ever move to Arizona (which is not likely to happen, but if it did...), I should think about dragging them with me.


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