These Snazzberries Taste Like Snazzberries

I think inappropriate studio owner has picked a new teacher to seduce. I walked in a few minutes after the earlier class ended and he was chatting it up with the teacher about an upcoming retreat. She was talking about how if they wanted her to work the retreat (i.e. teach), they need to pay her way there. "Get me there, and I will work for you". My head was spinning with how this guy was going to misconstrue this. Apparently he had also taken her class before this conversation. Boy, while I'm glad I'm not the object of attention anymore, I am thinking she has no idea what is coming to her. It is ridiculous how this married man carries on. She is probably younger than me, so we're talking over 20 years age difference.

I am really bummed about not being able to practice since Sunday. I probably could have today, as far as ladies holiday is concerned because it looks to be practically over. Only 2 days - that is short, which is fine by me. But the reality is, I couldn't because we are leaving for Phoenix tomorrow and I need to leave the office early in order to get the dogs straightened out before my parents arrive at the house. And I have to teach tonight. And pack when I get back at 9pm (because we are leaving at the ass-crack of dawn - 5:30am). And clean out my ridiculously messy car. And explain to the parentals what they have to give Rusty for meds, the cone, cleaning his paws with peroxide, etc. It was a necessary sacrifice but that doesn't mean I'm happy with it.

And *why* is this time change kicking my rear end all over the place? I keep waking up in the morning feeling like it's 3am. I slept until 7am this morning and I had to DRAG my BUTT out of bed like someone had drugged me. While I miss the mornings being light (because now when I go to practice next week, the dogs will be out when it's still kind of dark), this whole time change thing is messing with my circadian rhythms.

And one more thing. Because I like to begin sentences with "and". What is the tarnation was Eliot Spitzer thinking? Lord, did he screw up royally. I mean, I'm a registered Dem, but I cannot rationalize this away. You can't be hard-nose about breaking up prostitution rings and then go and use one. Often. On the order of $80,000. That is complete hypocrisy. I don't care so much that he used a prostitute (because it's not my business how he has to please himself outside his job), as much as the fact that he was all about fighting them (amongst other criminal activities he was no-nonsense about). If you're going to do something bad, make sure it is not something you are steadfastly against on your platform. This just seems like common sense to me, but I think people in power get caught up in it and stop using their brains.


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