Stop Playing With Your Beard!

My husband nearly had a conniption last night while watching Biggest Loser. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating, but at one point he did 1/2 jokingly yell "Stop playing with your beard!" at the TV. Anyone else notice how Mark ("Maaahk") kept playing with his facial hair throughout the entire episode? I mean, that is a definite tick, my friend.

And I was happy happy happy that the girls laid the smack down on the boys. They were getting way to big for the britches. So full of themselves. HA!

A funny side note about Loser is that the two brothers are from my hometown. Well, at least Jay is. Mark is from the next town over. How crazy is that?! It's not like I'm from some major city with 1 million+ people. My hometown has around 100,000. No uber-tiny, but certainly not a big city either. So, even with his weird beard touching, I still have to root for him and Jay because they are Mass-holes from southeastern New England who probably say "bubbler", know what "coffee milk" is, and run in their "sneakers".


I didn't make it to Mysore this morning. I was too pooped! It was 5:45am and my body said "Nooooooo!". So I listened. I slept another 40 minutes, which felt like 5 minutes. Next time I opened my eyes it was 6:20. Then 6:45. At which point, I got up.


What is this Grocery Game thing? I am intrigued since I *love* a good deal and have a severe case of penny-pincher-ness. Apparently, it requires the clipping of coupons and getting a list of weekly deals from the site to match up with coupons. The negative is that we do not shop at a big grocery store. We shop at farmers' market type places and Trader Joe's. Trying out this grocery game thing would mean I would have to start shopping in the local Vons. Don't get me wrong, it is a nice Vons. Better than the Vons I was forced to shop at in the IE. But it is still Vons. With less than ideal produce prices and selection, and less of the funky, organic, natural, whole grain products. And the thought of having to go to like 3 different grocery stores (sometimes 4!) seems completely wacko. I mean, I like deals, but I hate making 14,000 stops. I will make 89 stops, but not 14,000. My husband already bitches about having to stop at two stores when we do our Sunday food shopping and they are on the same road, about 1 mile apart.

So, I don't know. I am very tempted to try this thing, but I am also feeling loyalty to my existing grocers. We'll see. I suppose I could try for a few weeks, but I am libel to get complaints from the Hubby. Especially if after a month or so I decide to go back to my regular shopping habits.

All in the name of a buck.


  1. it's nothing but junk would hate it...maybe you did...i feel like i am in a time warp...


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