The Munchies Are Back...

I have the munchies again. This week has been very grazy, like a goat grazing a hillside - if there were a bag of chips on my desk right now it would be really hard not to mindlessly put chip after chip in my mouth.

Could it be PMS? Does this happen, maybe? I am on month 2 without the pill and I can't remember if munchiness was something I experienced 7 years ago sans pill. If I did, I didn't care because I was like 102 pounds, I could eat whatever. I am hoping it is something hormonal and will go away next week.

On a positive note with this whole cycle thing is my skin is holding it's own since the large cyst appeared between my eyebrows a couple weeks ago. The cyst is still there (it takes months for those things to flatten and disappear), but it's a lot smaller. I keep waiting for some crazy zit frenzy to happen since my face is usually a mine-field waiting to be detonated.

Because of the munchies, I had an additional morning snack after my oatmeal: a Special K bar which was not so special. I mean, it has good flavor and is only 90 cals but it the smallest thing you have ever seen, not to mention it is mostly air (nothing dense about this thing). It has barely 1 gram of fiber. I'm not sure I'll buy them again because I'm willing to eat more calories if I can get some fiber in there. Eating that thing felt almost as pointless as eating a rice cake.


Was less like lead than the last two days. I have now bound to wrists easily in mari A two days in a row. This is truly an accomplishment for me seeing as I have dwarf arms.

The other thing that seems to be progressing is bhujapidasana - I can, though not super-gracefully, get my legs through arms with head on the floor.

Other than that, I was disappointed that this morning there was no Kiran to give excellent adjustments. Aside from Tim, she is the best adjuster at the studio (in my humble opinion). I did get lots of tips from this other adjuster. I thought she looked familiar and then when she adjusted me in urdvha mukha pascimottanasana, I remembered her from the first Sunday morning led primary I took back in July of last year. At least I know my memory is still mostly in tact.

This is the song that doesn't ends. Yes it goes on and on my friends!

We started singing it now knowing what it was, and then continued singing it forever just because... this is the song that doesn't end...

You get my point. I am referring to the race for the Democratic party nomination. Hillary came back from the dead last night, though she will maybe net a 10-15 delegate increase, putting her around the same place as she was before, behind Barack by nearly 100. No matter, these wins, however pointless they are, give her raison d' etre in this race. She will undoubtedly continue. Not that I have anything against her - I actually thought her speech in Columbus last night was good - she delivered it well. I didn't get to hear Barack speak.

But I am so over this race. I don't know which was has a better chance of beating McCain. Hillary won in a Republican-esque fashion - meaning she grabbed all the rural areas while Barack won the big cities. Does this mean she has a better shot beating McCain? I don't know. I tend to think not just because those rural areas will pick McCain over Hillary in November. Democrats are strong in big cities, so going with the Dem that is not strong in big cities could be disastrous.

I am still in the Obama camp, for now. Next states this month are Wyoming and Mississippi. I think they will go Obama. Mississippi for sure, and Wyoming is a caucus and Obama has kicked Clinton's behind in caucuses so this should be more of the same. So her gains will be kaput again - maybe even deeper of a deficit than before March 4th. Then comes Pennsylvania... I feel like it's Hillary territory, but you never know. It could go the other way. Man, this is a wacky race.

Ok, diet coke and samoas are calling and I simply can't ignore them anymore :o)


  1. This race is over. Hillary is the new Democratic Huckabee. The maths is teerible for her. What happened to doing what is best for the party??


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