Looks like Someone Has a Case of the Mondays!

Arizona was fun as usual, but no yoga was done. For a number of reasons. Ranging from my laziness to husband's whininess about it. Made for interesting practice this morning since it has been over a week since my last practice.

Weather was great - not the blistering 95 degrees we had last year. Eighties and dry - even got some color, so I'm not the usual winter pasty color anymore. I swear, each time we go I feel like I want to move there. But then I think I might melt in July when it's 115 so maybe it's not ideal. I love Tempe, though. We found a great Indian place that is all veg - Udupi Cafe. Had some great Ethiopian, good beer at the brewery (Four Peaks), and even had some wine tasting. The only The one thing I was bummed about not finding earlier in the trip was South Mountain Park. We a 45-minute hike up the Javalina trail before we had to get to Maryvale park to see the Brewers game. The views of Phoenix from this park are fabulous. Lots of bikers on the trail - made me want to have a bike so I could ride, too. After California, I think Arizona is my second choice of places to live. It is beautiful - the Grand Canyon is only a few hours north and is the most amazing place I have ever seen.

The drive was tedious - I definitely felt the extra time it took now that we live further south and close to the coast. It was an extra 40 minutes... It used to be that we could make it to Phoenix in like 5 hours or a bit less... now it's closer to 6. I guess it's one of the few reasons you might want to live in the IE. I stress the word FEW. And, by the way, gas in Arizona is about 30 cents cheaper per gallon. What is that about? 30 cents? Why do we Californians get slammed like this for gas? It can't possibly be all taxes. Massachusetts is called "Taxachusetts" and the gas is like 30 cents cheaper there, as well.

Rusty is status quo with the paw affliction. It is not bad but it's not good, either. Still coned, still washing paws daily. He's not cool with the whole daily paw washing but there are no other options at this point - so he has to deal. I hope this situation improves soon... this is a long time for him to be in this state. Poor guy is not liking it.

As I mentioned earlier, practice was interesting this morning seeing as it had been 7 days since my last practice (and these are my sins... hehe, kidding. Flash back to Catholic school). It wasn't horrible, but Marichasana D on the right barely happened with muscling from Tim. It's like I was back to where I was a month ago. Weird. Supta Kurmasana was no worse - in fact the same, or maybe better. Which was again weird. Backbends were the same - I didn't fall on my ass coming up so that was a bonus. Always a bonus when you don't fall on your butt in front of 20+ other people. Hopefully tomorrow will be improved!

Lastly, I am enthralled by this Spitzer fiasco. It is too interesting - all this info is coming out about the girl ("Kristen" who is really Ashley Dupre who is really Ashley Youmans). And it seems like everyone who knew her like her - like nothing bad or mean to say. The whole situation is interesting - it's like a soap opera. It's hard to believe it's actually real. Something else to read about other than Clinton-Obama...


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