Long Day Today...

Tonight I drive 70-90 minutes (depends on traffic) north to get our taxes done. We used this guy 3 years back for our 2004 taxes when we sold the townhouse and bought the house(and I had a 1/2 year of 1099 income to complicate matters). He's done our friends' taxes for years and they have a mondo-complicated situation with rental properties, 1099, W-2, etc. I figure it's worth the drive, though his fees are quite high. I am hoping it will be under $500. Last time it was around $400, I believe. Hopefully, this year's level of complication is not much more than 2004 and inflation hasn't jacked it up over $500. That will be a painful check to write even if I get a handsome refund.

I am getting excited for our spring training trip next week. I love going to Arizona. I'm not exactly sure why I like it, I just do. Maybe I just like Arizona. We've only gone in March when the weather is tolerable so perhaps I wouldn't like Arizona in July when it's 116 degrees. I am a heat seeker, but that is HOT. I don't care if it's dry.

If the forecast holds up (which who knows if it will because it's still a week away and my faith in meteorology has waned since my childhood career dream of being a weather-girl), it should be sunny and around 80 degrees. That's pool weather for sure. So maybe we will be able to get some sun and pool time. Maybe. We are going to a game every day though, so I'm not sure if that will happen, unless it's still fairly warm around 5pm...

My yoga plan is to take two classes. One Anusara on Friday - this will be the third time I frequent this class. It's becoming a tradition. Hopefully the same teacher is there from last year, she was excellent. The second class will be a led primary series (from the only authentic Ashtanga I could find in Arizona). So I'll still get at least three ashtanga practices in next week; maybe four, depending on Aunt Flo, whose anticipated arrival is today or tomorrow, but it is highly possible she will be late seeing as my body is still working it's way back to regulating itself.

Well, dinner tonight will be at the office. How crappy is that? Haven't had to eat dinner at the office in YEARS. This tax trip better be worth it!!!


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