Hello, Moto!

Well, I love my new phone. Not that I am one for gadgets, but at least I can take some pictures of my dogs where you can actually make out the species of animal. My last phone was very low-end, since Verizon is stingy on giving you good deals on phones. You have to pay at least $50 to get something that isn't already obsolete. I paid 9.99 so you can imagine the phone I had. No wonder it crapped out. We went with T-mobile via Amazon. Now I can be the annoying doggie mommy who thrusts her cell phone in people's faces so they can see how cute her puppies are. And text messaging! Yes. We didn't have the additional package with Verizon and the hubby was all 14 years old sending and receiving over 100 texts a month. Now, we have at least 400 a piece to burn through. He can text to his heart's content, and I don't have to have a coronary when I see the bill.

Speaking of coronaries, I woke up around 1am last night after a horrible dream. I'm not sure where we were and exactly who I was with, but wherever I was, it appeared to be the Armageddon. Nuclear war. Or whatever my imagination thinks is nuclear war, which still sucks. Through windows I several saw large smoke/dust clouds mushrooming up from the earth, and there was dust and debris whipping through the building we were in, and we were breathing it in, getting it in our eyes, scratching everything. I started to try to breath through my t-shirt and then around that time I woke up. It was horrible. Took me a while to fall asleep after that - it was like I was afraid to go back to sleep for fear that (a) I might have another horrible dream, or (b) some other bad thing would happen in real life while I slept, so better stay awake just in case. I haven't had a bad dream like that in a very long time. I don't know why my head conjured it up, but it did. Hopefully, it is hormonal or stress related and not some weird premonition (which why would it be? I think I am just a paranoid freak).

This week has been the property value and tax week. Today, I paid the 2nd half of this year's taxes (ouch! nearly 3 g's). In San Diego County (as it should be anywhere else, I would imagine) you can get a re-assessment of your home value if you believe it has fallen below what they have on the rolls. Boy howdy, has it. I took some time yesterday gathering comparable sales from the last 90 days. I calculated an estimated value that is $77,000 lower than what we paid. This would be a loss 14.5% in one year. Good times. All our equity is gone. We are officially underwater. Soooooo. Why should I pay taxes to the county on value that isn't there? They had better approve this shiznit because in no way, shape, or form, is our house worth what we paid last April. I will appeal it if they don't. And the value will only be worse in July. The house down the street is for sale; it is 300 square feet bigger and has a in-ground pool. Asking prices is $12,000 *less* than what we paid. Yeah. It's been on the market for over 6 months. Yeah. They'll be lucky if they get within $20,000 of their asking price. That's if they get offers at all. I am still thankful we sold our other house last April. That bad boy has dropped even more than our current house, believe it or not. Down almost $100,000. Nearly 20% in one year. We have been more fortunate by the coast. I hope we are nearing bottom out here in So Cal - it's definitely unsettling. Maybe that's why I had my armageddon dream: I realized we owe more to the bank than the house is worth, and my head interpreted it that way. Seems kind of an extreme reaction though.

I am back on the bandwagon with practice. Yee Haw! I guess. For now. Three days in a row. Going for four tomorrow morning. I managed to balance in kukkutasana this morning, but my arms weren't completely through. A practice neighbor was kind enough to try to pull my arms through my nearly non-existent lotus leg holes. She got them only so far (looking at me to make sure I wasn't contorting my face from pain as she pulled); it was enough though for a decent turkey attempt. The rest of the class was already done, and guess who was holding up the show? Yours truly. So everyone got to watch me pop into kukkutasana (thank God I was able to balance and didn't fall on my face). I still felt like a ginormous dork. But I grinned, like the class clown that I am.

Tee hee! it is almost three! Whoopee! Well, not so much, it just rhymed. Two more hours and I am off to teach my hatha level 1.


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