This is Cracking Me Up

The Onion: Nation Finally Sh**ty Enough...

There are a few "f" ending in "k" and also "sh" and "it" words in there, so this is forewarning if you are averse to reading the occasional swear. I can't throw stones at The Onion because, hey, I use them myself when the time is ripe enough to sling 'em around.

Anyway. It's funny in a Weeken0d-Update-SNL kind of way.


  1. That was pretty funny.

    Certainly doesn't romanticize the top job. 'Lotta shit to clean up. :)

  2. So does this mean we have nowhere else to go but up?


    His timing is impeccable, that's for sure!

  3. ahahaha, where in the world did you find this? You crac me up!! LA


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