I Am Solving The Economic Crisis For You All. You're Welcome.

I am beginning to wonder if perhaps the higher power of the universe has a plan for my family to single-handedly bring the country out of the economic crises via obscene home improvement purchases. Either that or when your house hits 20 years old everything starts going to crap. Honestly, I am not sure which it is at this point because the amount of money we have had to spend - unplanned - seems akin to some kind of divine intervention.

I got home last night and went upstairs to change out of my work clothes. Walked into my closet and saw that all of The Husband's clothes were no longer hanging up on the rod. Nothing on the upper shelf. He shows me that, in fact, the master closet has now also shit the bed. His side has separated from the wall and my side is not too far from doing the same. Seriously? God, Jesus, Allah, Whoever: the nearly 20K we have spent on a slab leak and new kitchen, not to mention my old dog's sickness and subsequent putting down - this wasn't enough money to spend since June? No? You want me to spend more?

I see now why people like having "new" houses. Our last house was built in 1999 so we never had anything crap out on us. My condo was built in 1973 - I was only there a year, so I was lucky enough to avoid having any additional stuff die on me (though I also spent a bundle refurbishing that place). Is 20 years around the time where you're house poops out on you? Is there an end in sight? Or just maybe a tourniquet to slow the bleeding?


  1. I 100% agree that 15-20 years is the mark for a house. Our last house started having issues at the 15 year mark. We bought it when it was 11 years old. Before we moved out we had to replace the furnace and roof. And it seemed to be getting close to needing a new A/C. So even though you spend a bundle on a new house (including having to buy every friggin' window some kind of covering), I think it evens out in the end. Sorry about your house expenditures...but yeah for the economy. I actually think I felt my 401K blip to life when your closet started falling down.

  2. One thing or another in house-poordom. Our last house was almost 30 years old...

    In out experience, the formula seems to be that things start pooping out every ten years and expenses always come in one-thousand dollar increments (ie, nothing ever costs $200 to fix.)

  3. Oh girl... you have my sympathy. Our house is an oldie too, we pay $50 a month for a policy that covers everything ($100 deductable per repair). It paid for itself when lightening struck and took out the main computer board for the heat and air until.


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