Be Still My Beating Heart!

I have been tagged with my first bloggy award by McAllen @ These are the days of our lives...

Holy smokes. I guess there's a first of everything.

I must tell you she is fabulous. That's the rule. Or she'll hunt me down. Seriously, though, she is a funny read. How she has time to blog with taking care of her kiddies, I have no idea. That deserves an award in and of itself.

The rules:
1. 5 things I love (you may know some of these from when I meme'd myself)
2. Tag 5 other bloggers (Dude, I may actually have the requisite 5 people. Ok, no. But close.).
3. Link back to me

Five things I love...

First of all, I love my family -- the Husband, my parents, my little Nikki dog,
and my friends.

I love all things home improvement and home decor/design. Obsessed.

I love to sing. Loudly. Even though it drives my husband crazy.

I love to hang out with friends, have some vino, eat some food, laugh, etc.

And, this may be kinda of "duh", but I love just being alive. I am in no hurry to get old, I wish everything would slow down, but I know it can't.. So, while I am not great stopping for "pause" to enjoy life's moments, I will have to make an effort to do just that before it's over!

Time to tag. If you feel up for the challenge, here you go:

(1) Frankie, who rocks the party that rocks the party. One of my best buds from college who is a wordsmith. She is on tag #3 from me. Are you sick of me yet? She is my first blog friend, been reading my crap since day 1.
(2) Girly Stuff, who I've never met in person, but is the nicest person ever and is fabulous
(3) Amy @ Cape Cod Makeover, who seriously runs way fast. Puts my marathon times to SHAME.
(4) Woman Interrupted, who is cooks a mean chili and loves her some Houston anchorwomen (not in THAT way, though. If you know what I'm sayin'. She's married, yo. To a man. Anyway.)
(5) Crap. Don't got a number 5. (yes, I know that's improper grammar.)


  1. Wow… I too love home decoration & have lot of creative ideas for that.

  2. I was so loving you because we have five out of five in common.
    AND you run marathons, too!! I'm not worthy...


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