I'm a Nag and Am Addicted To Target Clearance

Tuesday I got a call from the counter installers and they told me that my install date is looking like Saturday but that he call Wednesday to confirm. Haven't heard a peep out of them since. I hate to be the nagging type; I've called them 3 times since I signed the contract: once to ask when my templating appointment was, another time to confirm they had the right address, and the third time on Monday to ask about my install date. But I am itching to get the date nailed down. Saturday would be super-duper fablous fantastic because that would mean I wouldn't have to take a day off and it would give my plumber a whole 4 four days before Turkey Day to install my sink and dishwasher plumbing. However, the installer did say that if it wasn't Saturday it would be Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of the next week. That's not so fabulous. Wednesday would almost suck because what is the likelihood the plumber can come install the sink before Thanksgiving? Not very good.

I'll probably nag them again this afternoon. I am such a pain in the ass.

So yesterday, I was at Target, doing my regular random toiletry/cleaning items shopping and I stumbled upon some really cute flats that I had seen a while back that were now on clearance. Yay, Clearance! I liked them when I first saw them but didn't want to fork over the full prices 20 bucks for fake leather shoes that probably wouldn't last more than a few months of solid wearing. But at $13.48, it had fallen low enough for Miss Cheap-O over here.

Of course, they didn't have my size in black - only in plum. I'm all for trying crazy things and the plum ones were only $9.99, but I figured I'd visit another Target, see if they have the black ones for my conservative fashion self. Purple-ish is a bit much for me. I arrive at the Target this morning to find that, of course, no black in my size only the plum ones again. Put them in my basket but can't bring myself to buy them because they are purple. What do I walk out with after thinking purple was a little too crazy?
Bright red patent-pleather heels. How these are not crazier than a muted purple flat, I have no idea. My Inner Shoe Lady cannot be reasoned with. Seems like I always end up going with heels even when I purposely try to get flats. At least they're from the Isaac Mizrahi for Target line instead of Xhilaration. And they were marked down from $32.99 to $16.48. Figure I can wear them for any Christmas partays I have coming up, including The Husband's work party with is always so much better than any of my work parties. I even have a red dress that I picked up last year on the cheap (it was $20 at Ross) - so I am all set! First time in history that I have my Christmas Party outfit figured out before Thanksgiving.


  1. Cute shoes! Much better than plum. Nothing goes well with purple...except more purple.

    I hope you got a lock down for this Saturday. Woman Interrupted has been chasing down contractors lately. We were wondering if the recession was an urban myth. No one seems aware of it except Matt Lauer. Why won't they take ya'lls money?

  2. I too was bit by the Target Shoe Clearance Bug this week and ALMOST got those same red shoes. They are fantastic!

  3. Those are very, very cute shoes! ...for jeans or black or brown pants. I want them now!

    Yes, contractors and sales people don't seem to need to take my money these days. Hope you get the counters this weekend without having to burn a vacation day.


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