Amidst My Kitchen Mess, Election Stress..., teaching yoga, painting my kitchen, and my teeth, I managed to get sick. I think. Feels like it and, man, do I hate getting sick. I had such a great span of time where I didn't get sick and since we moved from the Boonies, I've been sick like 4 times. Only once was it bad enough to stay home, but still. I had a 2 year stretch where I didn't even get a cold! Immune System! Grow and pair and help me out here!

I think part of the reason is that my new-ish workplace is full of parents with young children - under 10 years old - prime age for being vessels of sickness from their school pals. That can't be helping. The other issue is that I'm now teaching yoga a lot more and interacting with people, hands on, adjusting, etc. I've never been on of those Purell carrying bacteria-phobe people but I am wondering if maybe I should think about getting my own little bottle of the shtuff because I am so over this cold/sick thing twice a year. It sucks. Right now I feel like a bobble-head or something - like I'm in some weird daze where if someone tries to have a conversation with me that's longer than 30 seconds that person is likely to think I'm either high or crazier than they initially suspected.

I know I must be kind of sick because my interest in food has dwindled. That's telling you something. There is a gargantuan bag of Halloween candy sitting in the caf and I DON'T EVEN CARE. It's 12:30, well past my noon alarm clock grumbling from my stomach, and I'm really not hungry. I was barely able to motivate myself to paint the remaining perimeter area near the ceiling this morning and I'm always rearing to go when it comes to doing work on the kitchen.

Four more hours...


  1. Sorry you feel like poop.

    You seem crazy enough to try and install cabinets sick.

    BELIEVE in the hand sanitizer. The problem with parents is we pass on the germs without even getting sick. Our immune systems are so kick ass, we spread death and destruction unknowingly.

    Get well soon!

  2. I'm sorry to hear it!

    I can't get into the habit of purell either but kid germs are the real deal.

    My 3 year old just saw Osmosis Jones for the first time and he woke up the next day and said he was dreaming about the yucky bacteria. So hopefully I've got a little 'phobe in the making


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