There's a First For Everything

I actually got lost in cleaning this morning. I am not one who enjoys cleaning. Yes, I love an organized house and I definitely feel more relaxed when my house doesn't look like DEFCON 2, but in no way do I like to clean and pick up after myself. The reality is I am a disorganized person with OCD tendencies. I am the person who perpetually leaves her shoes all over the place and the floor of my closet almost always has clothes strewn around.

But this morning, I literally lost track of time. I was up and showered before 7am. Unpacked the last kitchen box, put 90% of our kitchen items in their Forever Homes and then continued to dust and organize until I realized it was 8:43am and, EARTH TO CHACHA, I have to go to work. I was all ready to break out the shop vac and start cleaning up more dust. I guess the level of disorganization and mess in my house has tricked my brain into the delusion that cleaning is fun.

The counter tops are indeed being installed Saturday (yipee!) and the plumber is coming Sunday morning. I hope that we don't run into any major speed bumps and I manage to have a working sink and dishwasher by Sunday afternoon. Now, when my mother asks me for the 14th time when the sink is going in, I will finally have an answer. Literally, every weekend I talk to her, she asks me about the sink and I explain that it can't go in until the counter tops are installed. Only last weekend did it finally click for her that INDEED the counters have to be in before the sink. Not the cabinets. The counter. Jeez Louise.

And if you use Google Mail and the colors suddenly changed you are not going crazy. They have new themes which I think are pretty cool. I chose the beach theme and apparently it changes based on your location because they ask for your city. Pretty snazzy. But apparently the Reader doesn't have themes, so they'd better get on that! Consistency, Google!


  1. Good for you, getting lost in the cleaning. Thanks for the comment. I was sitting here when it popped up...glad to know I'm not alone, too!

    Cute header. Your blog has a nice feel.

  2. I detest cleaning, but love being surrounded by clean. It's quite the conundrum. At the present time, my house is a disgusting sty, that is not an exaggeration, and I have guests coming for the weekend for the next three weekends in a row. And what am I doing? Cleaning with pet odor spray. So not effective.

  3. Do you live 5 minutes from work or were you late?

    I'm glad you are getting your sink installed Sunday. You may be having Thanksgiving in the city after all!
    Instead of ECBF.

    I chose the terminal theme. Very matrix.

  4. When are they installing the sink again? Hee hee.

    I'm so not a housekeeper. My house is basically a 2 story box. So when people come over I figure I can clean the 50% that's downstairs and pray and plead that they never ascend.

    I've even resorted to putting up the baby gate on the stairs to discourage company from going up.

  5. Hi...I am stopping by here from....someone else's blog. LOL You'd left a comment, and I clicked on some to check out their spots. I am loving your blog....and in a post earlier, about your closets, I was LOL when you said the closet shit the bed. Thanks for the laugh!


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