This is a Little Sappy. I'm Not Usually Sappy. But There's a Time for Everything.

Yesterday, I was reminded why I married my husband and that, though he may drive me nuts sometimes, he is a good man and he loves me.

I may have mentioned that the big 3-0 is coming up - t-minus 3 days. Sunday, I will be 30. To me, it's sort of big deal, but not really. Sure, I'd love to say in my twenties forever, it's a good time - young, healthy, childless with two incomes, etc. But it's not this "big depressing thing" for me. It's life. It just another birthday is how I see it. So, when it came down to "what did I want for my birthday" and "what did I want to do, where did I want to go", etc, I honestly didn't give two shits, as they say.

Turns out, the husband gave two shits and has been planning a party for me. Sent out an invite to friends back in March, to give people who lived a bit further away the opportunity to plan to come visit my sorry old ass that was turning 30. I guess I am not the stone-hearted, unfeeling person I sometimes think I am, because I felt so much love when he sent me the Evite to my party. That someone must really love me. Wow. Makes me feel like a giant butt-head at the same time over the fact that I suck when it comes down to being thoughtful with people I care about. I am not good with sending cards, planning events, or even keeping in touch like I should. Loved and humbled by this "gift."

Hopefully I can keep reminding myself that, even though it's easy to get wrapped up in mundane daily activities, it's still important to remember the other people around you. I want to keep the small number of truly great friends that I have, and I need to take a clue from the "bestest" friend at home.


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