Today has not been best of days. In fact, this weekend has kind of sucked, starting with the appearance of a hellish cold. Holy Moly, my ear canals feel like they are trying to turn themselves inside-out.

But that is nothing compared to having to put my dog down today. I hope my head can unclog because crying when you're already stuffed up, is miserable. We had to call the game on Rusty. This past weekend his paws relapsed again - all four this time, and he could barely walk. There were only two options (1) more hard-core antibiotics, or (2) euthanasia. His condition has not improved in 6 months. The only time his paws were not swollen and bleeding was when he was on antibiotics. But that is not something you can do long-term. His body couldn't fight the infection. Even after 30 days of strong antibiotics, it still would not go away. It was a matter of time.

I am still struggling with the idea that maybe we should have done the antibiotics but then how much longer would he have before his kidneys and liver failed from filtering the drugs? Seeing as he was 13-14 years old, it was just a matter of time. And not a lot of it. I was home sick today, because I am, but so was Rusty, so I had to bring him to the vet regardless of what we did. But we decided it was time. And I am bummed. We had him about a year and a half so I cannot imagine what kind of crazy I will be when Nikki goes, or any close human family member for that matter. The process was fast - it was over in less than 20 minutes, most of the time was spent watching him fall asleep before the last shot which would complete the process.

The worst part was leaving the office. He was already gone but for some reason I hated leaving him there. Not that I could've taken his body home with me, but that's exactly what I felt like doing. How could I just leave him there? But, of course, I had to. And that was the hardest part, I think. Watching him die wasn't as real as leaving the vet's office without him.

So, I'm going to hope that my head stops trying to explode and that I won't feel sad for too long.


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