Seriously? No. SERIOUSLY?!

OK, now, if you have read of my past posts, you might have perused an entry () concerning a certain very unprofessional studio owner.

Since then, I have reduced any small-talk to nearly non-existent. I have been cordial, as nice as you would expect one who doesn't want to talk to the offending person. It's been the mode of "let's forget this happened and don't even go there at all again." I didn't tell his wife, the other owner/director/what-have-you because, like I have said before, I have no idea what kind of "arrangement" they have together (ala don't-ask-don't-tell, or "open" relationship, etc).

Not too long after the first incident, I thought he had picked a new target to harass. And it appeared he had; he was going to the this teacher's class (which was right before mine) every week. Then she stopped teaching at the studio because the wife-owner decided to make the class an hour-long (rather than 90 minutes) and start later to try to boost attendance numbers. The other teacher was not into that change so she left (at least, this is the story I was given by the teacher; who the heck knows what the deal was, because now the class is back to it's original time, at 75 minutes long, taught by the wife-owner).

Obviously, the out-of-touch husband is not going to attend his wife's class. No. Why would he do that. He has to attend mine instead. For the love of all things holy, why?!? Now, when I teach, I tend to be hands-on - literally. I give some adjustments. I'll give some quick little back and hips adjustments in child's pose, and a neck and shoulder adjustment before savasana. Excluding him from the norm would be blatant and calling out the situation, which would be obvious to other students, as well. So, rather than create a weird dynamic, I treated him equally. Or mostly equally, his adjustments are much quicker - just enough to not exclude, but not enough to show anything more than inclusion.

Apparently, this man is completely delusional. I mean, so fucking out of touch. I taught last night's class, and a gal that always comes has knee issues - in a balance pose, it was too much pressure on the one standing leg. I told her to try leaving a little bend in the knee to avoid hyper-extension and joint pressure. I wasn't sure she got the verbal explanation, so I hiked up my pant leg to show my knee and just above the knee - what hyper-extension looks like, and then how to micro-bend and engage the quad muscles. After I release my pant left, this idiot (the owner, not the nice lady with the knee issues) says "Can you do that again?" with nervous laugh, and I just look at him and say "What?" and everyone else looks at him, and he says "That..." (pointing at my leg), and then just trails off with something like "never mind" after he realizes we are all looking at him like "WTF." I moved on, ignoring him entirely.

Seriously? Like, I am giving this guy the chance to forget it happened and not be stupid again, and I get this? Is he in some common-sense-blinding midlife crisis that somehow shrouds the reality that I am 20 years younger, married, and not in the least bit interested? At all?

I'm going to employ the 3-Strikes rule on this. We are on Strike 2. On Strike-3 I am quitting and I will tell his wife. Period.


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