So, This is What It's Like to be 30

I am realizing that my day-to-day life is truly rich in it's non-eventfulness. Aside from the fact that Nikki mysteriously smells like horse piss again, the highlight of yesterday was the discovery that the husband's student loan balance is half of what I thought it was, thus meaning it will be paid off next week and I get to check that off the list.


No, seriously. Well, I was extremely pleased.

Anyhow, so, Tuesday night, after the idiot studio owner man decided to behave in my class and keep his trap shut, I got home and the husband and I watched WipeOut which I fully expected to be a superficial, a la JackAss, waste of time. Turns out it was actually funny. I mean, I'm not sure how long it'll maintain it's appeal because there are only so many ways you can land on your ass, but watching people fall all over the place in the most ridiculous of circumstances was really funny. It was funnier than "I Survived A Japanese Gameshow" which, turns out, is also quite entertaining... to us. It might be just that we are an intellectually stagnant couple who are actually regressing in what we find to be stimulating television entertainment.


This weekend we begin the repainting of the family room which should be a blast. Not really. The amount of priming that will be required is making me dread Saturday. When you paint the walls burgundy and baby poop brown, it's pretty hard to paint over it with a reasonable neutral color without at least two coats of primer. Yeah. Thank you, Previous Owners, for having extremely questionable home decorating taste. From the back patio doors, you can see the walls painted... get ready for this.... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 different colors. Five. Back wall is red, two adjacent walls are poopy brown, kitchen and nook are light yellow, hallway walls are one white and one pale green. Who does that? And who lives with that for over a year and is only now getting around to fixing this abomination? (meekly raising my hand). This time I took "before" pictures so that the full effect of the "after" will be realized by any poor soul reading this blog.


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