An Excellent Source of Whole Grain Fiber

With Rusty being gone, I have been feeling bad leaving Nikki alone when I go to work, thinking that she might be lonely. I have no information to back this up though, because by all accounts, she is actually calmer and easier to deal with now that she is alone. But I still feel guilty. Which is why today was the first time I was back to morning Mysore in almost 2 weeks. Sure, part of the reason I didn't go Monday morning was that dragging my ass out of bed to throw my body around into different contortions called yoga seemed worse than solving the nation's energy crisis. But the OTHER part was totally Nikki, the Fuzzy Lady, and also the Little Lady.

So I made it to class this morning and I was presented with a gift from the yoga gods, which was Marichasana D on one side. I bound with the only a small amount of huffing and puffing. Almost had the other side too, so close that Tim said "both sides!" and almost walked away but I sort of grunted that I needed the smallest of help. I was kind of shocked that I got the other side so easily. But it was good shock! That and I almost had a major embarrassing faux pas of flipping over and crashing on my flat on my back. I was hopping forward from down dog to seated but I hopped with such fervor that I almost went all the way over. I managed to avert the crisis and fall over to the side for only a minor spectacle. I laughed at myself, as always.

Made it to work, showered up, went to make my coffee and breakfast (grape-nuts/soy milk). I was standing there, staring into the microwave at my g-nuts when a co-worker walked in and commented that what I was doing might not be the safest thing in the world. I responded that I was watching my grape-nuts and that it had also occurred to me that this face-inches-away-from-microwave might not be the greatest of ideas, but when presented with "a little radiation" or "overdone, dried-out, nasty grape-nuts", I opted for a little radiation.

Hopefully I don't wake up tomorrow with a third ear growing out of my forehead.


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