Sometimes I Want to Throw Him Out the Window

Maybe sometimes isn't accurate, probably more than sometimes I want to throw him out the window. The husband, that is. Before I left the office this evening, I text-ed him to find out when he was leaving. Turns out he is already at a local brewery with his coworker. OK, cool, "when are you leaving?"

I get a "?" in return so I respond with "we need to eat and go to Home Depot if we expect to prime and paint the family room tomorrow." Response? "I know we need to eat."

I call him to ask what the deal is, when does he expect to leave - of course, no answer of when, so I ask him if he could leave in the next 30-45 minutes, please. This is at 5:20pm.

Fast forward to 6:45pm, no husband. Seriously?

I call him to see if he is on the road. He is at his friend's house now, hanging out with the dog!!(?)

Needless to say, I am annoyed. I am starving, still needing to pick up the shit at Home Depot (can't go tomorrow because I have to teach 2 classes), and he is still drinking beers. Yeah, I did have some patience before, I didn't care all that much about couple-drinks-at-the-brewery after work but this is getting a little ridiculous. We aren't single folks anymore, he has a spouse to deal with; he would have given me inordinate amounts of shit if I stayed out like this without mentioning it in advance leaving him "all by himself" because I am "never home."



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