What's Up With the Curry Smell?

This week I have made it to morning practice 4 times, only missing Thursday because in now way, shape, or form can I hack a level 4/5 class. I am still working on the 1st series, for Pete's sake. Anyway, so, it seems like there is someone, or multiple people, who must eat a boat-load of curry. Once the heat seems to build with people around me I start to smell curry. It's the weirdest thing. It hasn't happened every single day, but it's happened 2 out of 4 times. It's probably one person that just has curry seeping out of their pores. Do they not smell it? Maybe they enjoy smelling like curry? Is it like the body-odor thing where you have no clue because you have been smelling it constantly?

Not sure what is worse. Practicing next to someone with strong sweat odor or strong curry odor. I think they are equal. Maybe curry is less offensive - though it's still not desirable. I have always heard about garlic coming through in sweat, but I guess curry is another spice that leeches out of your skin.

Today there was a tiny milestone achieved - tiny because it wasn't the complete pose, just a piece. The teacher that assists the Mysore classes (Kiran) at 7am (who gives the best adjustments - she is strong) actually got my hands bound in supta kurmasana, without the legs though. She didn't want to try to bind my legs because she thought I would lose my grip on the hands and I agreed. Then she moved my feet like an inch towards each other probably just to kind of get them going in that direction, and "pop!" I lost my grip. But this is still a positive development, to actually have my fingers together behind without the legs is something. I think I'm going to have a hard time with the full pose though because I have short legs, and that does not help with legs-behind-the-head. Long-torso + short-legs- + short-arms is not a good combo for supta kurmasana.

I am Iron Man

Ok, I have seen this on a few blogs so I did the superhero quiz...

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