Can Someone Find my Brain, Please? Anyone?

Seriously. I dragged my ass out of bed this morning thinking, "hmm, still no Aunt Flo, so best get some practice in even if it's Mysore, before she comes a-knockin''". I didn't check the schedule since I know there is Mysore on Wednesday's from 7-9am. Well, how about the moon? Did I check the moon schedule? Noooo. And what's even better is that I really should have known. I read the blog of another Ashtangi yesterday and she even mentions that today is a moon day. On top of that, the last moon day I nearly messed up on was about 2 weeks ago - and what is the moon cycle? 28 days! A moon day every 14-15 days. Ya. So getting up at 5:45am was completely worthless. I could have totally slept in until 6:45am.

So, if you happen to run across my brain as you go about your day, please let me know. I'll try to remember to come get it (though seeing as I don't have my brain, that will be a challenge).

So, Aunt Flo.

Where are you? Its been about 4 weeks now since the first missed pill and the end of the reign of microgestin, and this whole bloating thing totally sucks. Is this what I have been missing? Bloating, and feeling emotional? And back pain? It's crazy how much that pill "regulates". No wonder so many women are on it. Still, I think 9 years is enough, though right now, I would sure love to know when the period is supposed to come, and I would love to lose this lower abdominal bloat. I am still having less munchy hunger, so that is a bonus. So far, the only bonuses have been less munching, not having to pay 10 bucks for the prescription, and not having to take something daily. Not a huge number of pluses, but I suppose I need another month or two before I am back to what could be considered "normal" (though I may never be considered "normal! haha!).

And finally, Super Tuesday = Anti-Climactic

I was hoping that by this morning, some semblance of a leader would be eeked out on the Democratic side, but it is practically tied. Today we know little more than we knew Monday. It is still anyone's game.

It did appear Barack might have picked up more total delegates than Hillary, but they still have yet to complete all the calculations. I don't know that I feel anything either way at this point. I listened to part of both Hillary's and Barack's speeches and I liked them both. I mean, I voted for Barack but when I hear Hillary speak, I think she is just as good. So I guess I am kind of "whatever" about it, aside from the fact that I wish the race be closer to being decided at this point. It looks to me that we won't know anything until maybe March 4th. Another month.

And what totally cracks me up is Romney. He doesn't have a chance - I mean if I were a Republican I may have voted for him, though he does tend to flip-flop quite a bit. But he's probably pretty moderate seeing as he was the gov. of Massachusetts, so thus why I would consider him. However his decision to continue until the convention boggles my mind. Huckabee has more of a chance than he does. Perhaps it is a push to ensure that he is seriously considered for to VP with McCain? I don't know. But it is starting to look more futile for Romney at this point.

Anyway, looks like more primary mumbo-jumbo for a while longer....


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