Beware: This Post Might Increase Your Boredom Level

Well, the latest side-effect (or reversal of good side-effects) to my discontinuing of microgestin is a mondo-huge-ginormous cyst in between my eyebrows. It is like a 3rd eye - except not the cool chakra kind of 3rd eye. And I feel two other spots on my face where there is some pain like they might "bloom" into sister cysts. For the love of Pete, when is this acne shit going to end already?

It's ok, though, I mean, I suppose cyst-y face is better than having some terminal disease, right? Gotta find the positives! Though my hypochondriac self will somehow tie my cysts to some rare disorder where I'll be crippled or dead before the age of 35.


It's raining again here in Southern California. I haven't seen this kind of persistent rain since 2001. We had like 4 days of sunshine last week and it seemed like an eternity since I had last seen a clear blue sky. We have had 2+ months of rainy weather. It's definitely the anti-thesis of typical So Cal. The dogs don't love it, and I am not a fan of having to leave them in the house and go drive home for lunch so they can do their business. I don't get how people in other states where this weather is typical have dogs.

And, as I previously lamented a few months back (I think as far back as Sept/Oct), the economy is now officially in the shitter, and there is talk of stagflation - which turns on my inner "I am so smart" light bulb because I have been thinking that for a while. In light of this latest indirectly Bush-induced cluster f**k, I have put a moratorium on home remodeling projects. No kitchen addition, no pool, no family room addition. None of that. Not for a while. I'm going to make my 60 square foot kitchen work by reorganizing it with all those little cabinet thingies they sell at the Container Store. And I'm fixing the broken drawer.

I have been living with a silverware drawer that has a broken glider for months now. When you close the drawer, it falls off the track with a loud silverware-rattling clang due to a cracked plastic glider. Ends up looks like a drawer front on crack, all tilted funny. I had wonderful dreams of expanding my kitchen and replacing the 20+ yr old cabinets, but, alas, they will have to do for another year or so. Financial uncertainty on the horizon, I am hoarding my cash like a good money control-freak does.

Finally, the weekend is here - hooray! Hubby is away on business, but the parentals (specifically, my large-amounts-of-beer-drinking father) and coming to keep me company white means: Time for beer-tasting!

We are lucky enough here in in the San Diego area to have lots of microbreweries. Lots - I mean, I think there are probably 7-10 within 15 miles of my house. But they are stingy bastards with their operating hours because the majority of them are only open Friday & Saturday afternoons. What is that about? Either way, it'll be fun.

Oh, and I am all blabbers today, turns out Victoria's Secret has some decent pants. I took a chance and ordered a pair of corduroy pants that were on clearance. They were 19.99 and they had "short" length, so I figured why not? It was a good choice because they fit nearly perfectly. They require a shoe with at least a 2-inch heel because I have the shortest legs ever, but overall, very good fit. Even fine around the thigh area which was a shocker, since all pants appear to be modeled for women with impossibly skinny thighs. So, if anyone is reading out there, Vickie's has some bon pantalons.

Ok, enough blathering on, I think I have bored even myself to tears at this point.


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