Presidents Day

It was nice to have the day off yesterday, though it was hardly restful. At one point, I did nod off while watching a "Flip That House" set in New Orleans, which was an interesting flip of an old Katrina flooded duplex, but I was too beat to keep the peepers open.

The day began with my first ever Mysore class at TM's. I've been to a Mysore class one other time in Chicago with Amy Beth Treciokas, an authorized Ashtanga teacher. And it was pretty similar to Tim's except that there were fewer people in Amy's class and I think I got more adjustments. But the adjustments are definitely more intense than the led classes. At this point, I like them both (led and Mysore). I like led classes because the energy is way more fun in with everyone moving together, but I think you get more attention in a Mysore, which is probably better for "progress" in asanas.

The same 3 poses felt like an exercise in futility, garba pindasana, supta kurmasana, and marichasana D. At least with D, I got into it via muscling by Tim. I am debating whether to bite the bullet and do the unlimited month option, but I'm not sure. I know the hubby wouldn't be thrilled with the expenditure, but then again, as long as I am covering that expense with my teaching, I think it's only fair. The reality is, if I go to even 2 classes a week ($36 * 4.5 (month has somewhere between 4 and 5 weeks)) it's about $162. Unlimited monthly is $170. Seems like it makes some sense, no? Then I'd just go to yoga to my heart's content and actually make some progress in the first series, and maybe lose 5-10 pounds in the process (oh, to be under 110 again). So I think I may be convincing myself to make the plunge... (though, I am worried that going to Ashtanga more than twice is going to make my body crumple into pieces... I am sore enough from twice a week, never mind 5 times...)

The rest of the day was spent cooking and cleaning. I suppose that's what it's like to be a housewife, but without the little buggers to take care of. I swear, it has got to be 100 times harder to be a stay-at-home mom that has to clean and cook, than be a working mom. Just the clean and cook part kicked my ass.

Yesterday consisted of: (1) Practice of primary series, (2) a meticulous vaccuum and mop job of the tile floors, which took an hour, (3) 2 loads of laundry, (4) very minor re-org of kitchen and office, (5) cooked TWO dishes from the Moosewood cookbook, (6) taught yoga at 8pm. In between there, I zonked on the couch. In the evening, my right hand burned with pain from all the sponge squeezing, mop squeezing, and vacuum pushing. It felt better after teaching yoga, but I really did a number on my right hand which is already a little f'd up from likely carpal tunnel.

In addition to a Flip That House marathon, the other show I spent entirely too much time watching was "10 Years Younger" on TLC. It was addictive - watching all the little things they would to do these ladies to make them over. Then I got annoyed at the fact that I will probably never get to be on that show for the free super makeover because I always look 5-10 years younger than my true age. Which is retarded that I would find that annoying, because isn't that what these women want, and I have it, but am annoyed I can't get free shit? Yeah, makes no sense. I make no sense.

Anywho, today is Wisconsin and Hawaii primary and caucus, respectively. I am thinking Obama will win both and am hoping this will give him the momentum he needs to win at least one Ohio or Texas. I think both candidates have it tough because they are minorities and vast majority of the country is still in the stone age with sexism and racism. Either way, it is time for one of them to get this thing over with, and if everyone goes Obama, it's over sooner rather than later. If they go Hillary, it swings back and we are significantly further from this thing being over. So, here's to some "hope" that the Dems voting in the next couple weeks see it the same way and go with Obama.


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