Garba Pindasana

That mother f-ing pose gave me a bruise. At least I think that's where it's from. I mean, I suppose I could have bumped my leg at some point, but I saw it yesterday and then this morning it hurts more (and looks darker) so I'm thinking that the second attempt (Sunday was #1) at garba pindasana has worsened it. Like, mild bruise on Sunday, more moderate bruise on Tuesday.

I am not ready for this stinkin' posture - it drives me bonkers. I am going to attempt with my spray bottle on Thursday & Friday, provided the pooches let me practice in peace (hello, alliteration!). I tried using the sweat from my face this morning (and there was a lot of it); I was literally wiping my face and then putting the moisture on my calves and shins. But to no avail - it was no better than Sunday. I suppose it's still an improvement to even get my hands through up to my wrists - that wasn't even close to possible a few months ago. So, there is improvement, but this one drives me crazy.

I was probably a couple inches away from my fingers touching in Marichasana D (will try a strap or something on Thu/Fri - maybe I can walk them together to touch). So, I think that one will come before supta kurmasana. Another bitch pose. The last two that will happen for me will be garba pindasana and supta kurmasana - I have come to terms with it. I don't like it, but it's reality.

The highlight (for some, at least for me) of the practice was 12 urdhva dhanurasanas. 12. I dropped back on all but 5, and came up on all but 4. I did them all, I almost skipped #11, but came up from the floor instead. It's a good thing I like back bends. Oh, and hanumanasana (split) on the left side was awfully close - like, front thigh an inch or so off the mat; right side is woefully far.

Finally, to Mysore, or not to Mysore (the practice not the city - not traveling to India anytime soon). I am torn; I think it would be good to do Mysore - but I am afraid he'll (Tim Miller) cut of me off at Marichasana D because I can't do it by myself. That would be a bummer since I like the poses that follow, and can do most of them. Or cut me off at garba pindasana because that one is not happening either. I have Monday off (President's day) so I may go to his 7am. I think if I try Mysore he may take me more seriously (meaning give me more instruction) - right now, I'm just a face that shows up to led primary series, once or twice a week, and that's it. I only recently introduced myself (not because I'm disrespectful - probably the opposite - like why would he care to talk to me? But I think that's me being insecure and he would want to talk to anyone that shows up to his classes).


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