It's Poopy. Really.

A little bummed today.

I'm not a car expert, but from my internet research, it looks like the hubby's Nissan Sentra is having transmission problems, specifically a slipping transmission. We have had the car less than 4 years -- since October 2004. It has a lot of miles on it, for sure -- about 106K. But the miles are 80% highway -- not city miles. Some highway traffic miles, but really, mostly 70-80 mph highway driving.

The other kicker to this is that we are still paying for this car - the loan amount was high because we had to turn in a leased Nissan Murano early, due to the amount he was driving to work (we moved to the IE and keeping the leased vehicle would have cost us a small fortune at lease end). Because of this, we had to finance extra money since the Murano was "underwater" in value. So we still owe about 7K on this Sentra, a car that is worth maybe 5K (with a bad tranny, it's worth maybe 1k). To rebuild a transmission it'll be around 3-4K.

Isn't that nice? It's the car that keeps on giving.

That means we are on the hook for 11K on this car. In my humble opinion, a 2004 Nissan that has mostly highway miles shouldn't have its tranny crapping out at 106K. Even more annoying is we paid extra for the 100K extended warranty when we bought it. Ya. Doesn't that just pinch you in the ass. We are 6K over when this shit happens. I swear, they time it that way.

No more Nissans, I am done with them. Phooey. I wish I could convince the hubby to put up with a stick shift for the next car, but I doubt he'll go for it since he has to drive into the city. Stick is not all that fun in traffic, but when your clutch goes - it's 700 bucks, not 3700 bucks. You know?

Ugh, I am peeved. I can only hope it's really not the tranny, and it just needs some tranny tweaking (everytime I type "tranny" I think of transvestite... if only the car had transvestite problems, that would be a whole lot better. Whatever that would mean).

Maybe I can borrow one of the retired parents vehicles so that we don't have to rent one while this business is fixed.

I wish I could just chuck the car, but that would be 7K to pay out and 3.5K feels better than 7k. Blah.


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