Cursed Girl Scout Cookies

It's that time of the year, folks. The Girl Scout cookie time and it's no easier this year than any other year to avoid eating 14,000 of them. I have five boxes (two co-workers' children, I got 2 from one and 3 from the other) and Lord, is it going to be Cookie Monster time for a few weeks. Ack. I have eaten... let's see... 5 today. Four were from the communal boxes left in the break room by one of the cookie peddlers. I could easily eat like 5 more, no problem.

What is up with these cookies? They are like crack or heroine or something. Not that I would know - but they certainly are addictive. I guess not as bad, right, because we don't get night sweats and have to call our dealers to get us our cookie fix. But still, even without the trans-fat they are still insanely munchable.

Battle of the Bulge

I am feeling like I have lost a little weight. Or maybe I am hallucinating, but the pants feel looser. It could be no-more-extra-estrogen related or more-Ashtanga-practice related, or a combination of both.I am thinking if I keep up this practice thing where I hit the mat 5-6 times a week, maybe I can drop below 110 (I am barely 5'0" so it's not like I have unrealistic skinny expectations - I am pretty darn short. I can go to 95 without being considered "underweight". I was 92 in high school.). I haven't been below 110 since I was running 1/2 and full marathons. I was close to 120 a few months ago and though I wasn't all that bummed about it, I did have a little worry voice in the back of my head that the number would continue to creep up as the years progressed. Perhaps I can slow that down a bit. A slowing metabolism is inevitable but how much is slows and at what rate, maybe that can be influenced some.

Perhaps Not the Tranny?

Small glimmer of hope that the Sentra actually has a TPS sensor problem (Throttle Position Sensor). That is more like $300 instead of $3000. Must more wallet-friendly. But I am still not gung-ho on Nissans nor automatics. Give me stick shift and I am a happy camper. It's definitely not going to be the Sentra that drives to Phoenix. It's going to be my Toyota, though it is only 16,000 miles behind the Sentra.

Reason Why We Should All Be Drinking Bloody Marys

Just got an email from those Real Age folks (they are definitely junk mail offenders) but I actually skimmed this one because it talked about veggies and it was basically a V8 advertisement. The one interesting tidbit I got out of it is they now have a low-sodium V8, which is good because the regular V8 is SUPER salty - not ideal for people with high-blood pressure. The other thing reading about V8 did for me was induce a Bloody Mary craving. I some how rationalized that having a Bloody Mary could be considered "good" for you with some low-sodium V8 and a couple big celery stalks to cool the Tabasco. Is it Friday yet?


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