Wal-Mart: Enough Already

Yesterday I was driving to work and I saw a group of people, in the drizzly cold weather with signs protesting the latest major-store development in town. A new Wal-mart. What really strikes me about this is not so much the latest pave-ification of our open natural space, but the fact that it is another Wal-mart - in this particular location.

Don't get me wrong, it will add a measure of convenience for me since I will pass it daily. I could probably get my oil changed and tires rotated a heck of alot quicker. But the reality is there are already three Wal-marts in my city. Three. In a town of like 130,000 people.This new Wal-mart location is the next (smaller) town south... the distance from this new location to the other Wal-marts? One is 2.6 miles north, another is 4.5 miles east, the third is 6.8 miles northeast. And in the next neighboring city there is yet another Wal-mart, 4.4 miles east.

Do we really need another Wal-mart? Seriously? There aren't enough? We need five within 10 miles? You would think we were all a bunch of red-necks here in coastal San Diego, we can't get enough cheap crap and firearms. Perhaps these are portals to the Wal-mart headquarters in Arkansas.

I mean, can't we get another Target, instead? Or maybe a Whole Foods? We have to drive to La Jolla for a stinkin' Whole Foods, but let's just add another Wal-mart, why not. Apparently we don't have enough access to shittily-made goods.


So, the dogs had an uncomfortable morning yesterday, thanks to weather.com. I swear, meteorologists must have been using their local crystal ball readers to determine the forecast. Or maybe they called the Psychic Friends Network's 1-900 number, because at 8am I checked the hour-by-hour forecast and it said by 11am it would be partly cloudy and 63. By the time 11am rolled around, it was raining, and maybe 43 degrees. We San Diegans even made national news with a snowstorm that closed Interstate 8, on the drive towards Alpine.

How can you be that wrong? You don't know the weather situation 2 hours in advance with all your computerized weather models? I mean, I should have trusted my eyes, because when I left, it looked pretty f'ing dark to the west, but I figured, with all their fancy-ass equipment and satellites, they must know their shit.

No. They apparently don't even know their asses from their elbows.

So, I ran home around 1pm to let them into the house and they were wet and dirty as all getup. Rusty was all shivery and Nikki was her nutty self, running around, legs caked in mud, smearing it on the tile floor and carpet.

Thank you, weather.com, you are the best. Next time share the joint you are smoking with everyone else.


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