We So Should Have Done This

This folks really had the right idea. Generally, I tend to be a decent planner, but I so underestimated the dust factor. Life would be so much better if we had a bubble... Though we would have spent too much time going in and out of the bubble since the TV/family room is at the back of the house!

I wish I had pictures for you, but I don't :( The drywall is up - no more beams, insulation, etc, exposed! And I gave my parents (who are contractor-sitting for us) strict instructions to ask our contractor dude to finish the electrical first. I am tired of having to shut off all lights in the house while heating up dinner. I mean, it's worse than camping. I don't even have a fire to navigate by. We literally have a flashlight near the microwave which is on a dining chair by the front door. It's madness, I tell you.

Thank you, all, for the lighting comments! I just found two comments that blogger failed to email alert me of so they spent 2 days languishing in limbo. One commenter recommended a part time job at a light store. With a full-time job as a Java programmer and also a part-time job as a yoga teacher, I really can't add a third job to my mix. It's nearly too much as it is. Plus, I live in an area where the closest nice store with lighting (like, lets say, a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware) is quite far. Like 20-30 miles.

I have, though, found that someone is selling a customer-return of the Benson pendant on e-Bay; I put in a reasonable best offer and the seller chose to let it expire [grrr]. So I'm going to let him/her sit on it for a while with no offers since he/she has 4 of them (I only need 2) and no one else has put in an offer the entire time it has been listed. If those don't come to fruition for me, I have settled on the $140 one. The Husband likes it better, and I have a feeling the Kichler brand is better than the other brands of light I had chosen. But I loved them all, so I took the one with the most "votes" and that was the first one...

Hope everyone has a good weekend! I have to go return some pants from American Eagle now since my butt and thighs have apparently expanded in the last couple years. That and they make pants for women without curves. A bigger size wouldn't fit because of my waist and hips. Oh well. C'est la vie.


  1. Good lighting choice.

    Wish you had an E.T. bubble.

    Post some pics this weekend because I cannot afford the gas or plane ticket to come myself.

    And even though you are younger than me...it sounds like you are discovering something that those of us over 30 know...there comes a time when you can't shop at American Eagle anymore...you have to move on to the likes of Ann Taylor Loft, home of the empire waist and roomy pants. And very soon Old Navy will not be your friend anymore.

    Welcome to the horror!


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