Compadres! I have found another light! You hate my right now, don't you. I think I hate me for being so damn indecisive, but I seriously didn't think to look at CB2 (Crate and Barrel's cheaper, more mod sibling).

I found this one.

Only $79.95. Very wallet-friendly. Swings around, too, not that I need to aim it anywhere.

I have major problems, people. On a lighter note (Ha!), looks like my contractor is nearly complete with his portion of the work! I have pictures that I'll post tomorrow...


  1. This helps balance out the clock purchase. See how it always works out! Ha!

    I like it just as much as the others.

  2. Yeah - I think if the eBay items don't pan out I may go with this one because (a) 79.99 is a nice price, (b) Crate and Barrel is a brand that I know is good...

  3. I REALLY like this one! And it is cheaper! Go for it!!!


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