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Last night we made the pilgrimage to the local IKEA down in San Diego. It's down near Qualcomm Stadium where the Chargers play and it's also maybe 10-15 miles from the border; it appears that folks from Mexico like to frequent it because I saw 18 million Mexican license plates on cars. I would not have expected this since, I figured that IKEA would be a pricey option when you can probably get stuff much cheaper in Mexico, but who knows. Maybe not.

Anyway, after all that hemming and hawing of "white MDF" versus "light birch" versus "medium-brown birch," we got there and looked at the beech and the Husband liked that better. I actually thought it was a little warmer. The light birch was feeling a little "cold" and a bonus was that the glass door for the beech is monumentally better than the birch. For whatever reason, they have chosen to put a freak-nasty square pattern of frosting on the light birch door glass (I mean, it is so bad that I was going to buy regular doors, take them apart and insert special ordered glass). The beech is just all frosted glass except for a tiny border around the edges which is clear glass. Much better.

The cabinets arrive some time on Wednesday. Because we got the beech door, it had to be delivered, though I wasn't sure how we'd get the cabinets home by ourselves even if it was an option. Pains me to pay the $199 for it, but, whatever. So be it. The grand total for the cabinets was $3731 including tax and delivery. Not bad. IKEA is running a kitchen event and if you buy cabinets totalling over $2500, you get 10% off. I rarely see this kind of thing at IKEA so I am thinking that times are a little tougher than normal. Before tax, it was $3279 (tax and delivery really kicks it up a couple notches, huh?). It 's about what I expected, but I don't think I anticipated the tax and delivery to end up over $400.

The other bummer is the countertop cost. IKEA carries Caesarstone and the Raven is $74 a square foot. OUCH. At 56 square feet of counter, that is $4144. It's really nice but that is a painful amount of money. Zodiaq at Lowes is around $62. Silestone at Home Depot is $59. Neither of them have colors as nice as Caesarstone. We're going to check a couple more places to see what the other options and prices are including soapstone, because the Caesarstone option is looking like only $10 per square foot less. Not that much. If we can find soapstone at anywhere less than $80, we'll probably get it.


  1. Good to hear you are chugging along with the remodel. Are you going to install the cabinets and countertop yourself?

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