Girly Stuff's "Book Thingy"

That's a technical term: Book Thingy. That's what she called it so that's what it is.

So I grabbed as a random book off my shelf, which I read a while back.

Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld

Page 56, Sentence 5 - 8

"In my mind, I had a flash of Sophie kneeling before Cross while he sat on the mattress of a lower bunk, both of them naked. The image seemed so grown up, and so foreign. Everything I didn't understand and wasn't part of at Ault rose up and loomed over me, like buildings in a city; I felt myself shrink back into a small, hunched figure, walking against wind. When I looked up again, I knew that my ability to talk to him unguardedly was gone. Who was I to be having a conversation, to be joking, with Cross Sugarman?"

It's about a middle-class teenager who gets a scholarship to a prestigious prep school in Massachusetts. It's a tour through high school, except probably more painful than we had to deal with as she's there with a bunch of wealthy kids and never quite feels like she fits in. It's a good book. A New York Times bestseller.

Ok. Who to tap...

I have so few blogging buddies that read my shtuff!

Amy? @ capecodemakeover (if she is still stopping by)

Who ever might reading that wants to play the game - leave me a comment! I will edit the post and put you up there as well. Maybe you'll get like one extra hit for being on my site. I am self-deprecating type.

Ok, folks. Gotta hit the sack so I can get up at 2:30am to hit the road by 3am. Vegas, baby, Vegas!!!


  1. I still read - although I am bad about commenting! Have fun in Vegas!

  2. Sounds like an upbeat book!

    Have fun in Vegas, baby!


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