Venting My Inner Control Freak

I am having a hard time with my Control Freakness. The one week early appearance of the windows give us the opportunity to trim a whole week off the kitchen project plan. The problem: who will do the framing and window installation this weekend. It is short notice and I am one to try to use referred contractors before resorting to the yellow pages.

The Husband mentioned that a guy he works with is interested in doing the work, and is available this weekend. I asked him to get a ballpark estimate on what he would charge. I even gave him a marked up GIF of my graph drawing (love my graph drawing) showing the scope of the work so that he could pass it along to the guy. As of last night, he had not spoken to him. This morning I sent The Husband an email telling him that if we don't get the framing and windows done this weekend, this project is not going to get done quickly (meaning, in-laws will be subjected to even more disarray when they visit in 3 weeks). He replied that he left the guy a voicemail. I am getting frustrated because it's Wednesday and Saturday would be the day that this work needs to start.

I have a referral for another guy and I have an idea of what he would charge. I would rather use someone one of us knows personally (that way if he screws something up, we know where he works/lives), thus why I am pushing The Spouse to get some information from this guy. However, the control freak in me is not able to wait around and risk having to call someone else with like two days notice in the event this guy flakes.

Arrgh! I need a magic wand, people! Alright, if I don't get information by this evening, I am calling my other reference to see if he is available this weekend. There. Thanks for reading this vent as at least it made me come to a decision.


  1. My husband is the slowest human alive when it comes to "getting stuff done." However, if it has anything to do with fantasy football or computers, he is Johnny on the Spot. I feel your pain.


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