I was walking around Target this morning picking up an insane amount of candy for Halloween (I spend $20 bucks - but I have a feeling we may be out of candy before 8pm - I have at least 300 pieces - and this year I'm going to be "stingy" and only one piece per kid since last year we were out of candy by around 7pm - our neighborhood is very enthusiastic about Halloween), and I spied the wall clock that I have been eyeing for several months now. And this time I caved. I rationalized that since I had returned those ill-fitting jeans last week I could buy the clock. I mean, if two months later I still want the ding-dang clock, then I should get it. Right? I mean, clearly I am frugal if I feel that $25 for an unplanned purchase is a splurge.

I think it's super-cute and I figured it could be some color inspiration for the rest of the kitchen. Sure would have looked good with white cabinets but that decision has been made. I know, beech and this red may not be ideal but I think I can still make it work!


  1. hhey, I like it!! And last year we went to a fall fest our church hd, we seriously still haVE CANDY LEFT.. hEY, COME TO THINK OF IT.... wOULD IT BE TERIBLE IF i Just PUT ThAT OUT iNA BOwL tHIs yEAr?? MAWWWHAHAHAAAAHHH!!?? L A

  2. You go girl!

    White cabinets would have been too "kitchy" for a Southern California girl like yourself! Some red hardware might do the trick.


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