Why You Shouldn't Sell Your Stuff On Craigslist

I must write about this whole selling-my-laptop-on-craigslist again because it's driving me bonkers.

I posted it late Monday night, for a price that is $50 lower than the next cheapest functioning old-ass laptop. It's a deal. The next morning I check my email and 3 people replied within an hour of my posting the ad. I'm thinking "Cool! This thing is going to sell fast!"

I am now realizing that people out there responding to my ad are just out there "window shopping." I have had at least nine interested parties in the last 48 hours and no one has even looked at the damn thing yet.

The first guy: I emailed him back the next morning about setting up a time to meet. No response. He was all ready pick it up he said, just let him know. Guy #2 wants to give me $20 less. I tell him I'll meet him in the middle at $10 less, give him my phone number, tell him if he wants it, call me. He replies last night, asking if I still have it. I reply 20 minutes later with "Yes! Call me or email to set up a time or else it goes to whoever pays me first". Nothing from Guy #2. Yet another guy asks me a bazillion questions about it and then starts offering me various useless things in an attempt to trade or get a lower price. Says he may email/call to see it today (since he lives within farting distance of my office). Nothing yet from Guy #3 (though he has another 5 hours, I guess). Yet another dude emails this morning, I tell him I have it, and he says he will call/email this afternoon to pick it up. We'll see about that one. These are only 4 of the 9 emails I have replied to. Notice they are all men.

Is this normal? To email people that you want what they're selling and then disappear? Like, if I am interested in buying something I will (1) ask the seller questions about it, (2) if i like it, set up a time with the seller to look at it and/or buy it. This people are all like "I'll take it!" with no questions, and then I never hear from them again.

The hubby suggested we sell the coffee table on craigslist because it might draw a better price. Heeee-ell No! No, sir, I am not going through this shit again, especially with something as bulky as a table which would require an un-Godly amount of coordination with these people who are already working my last nerve.


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