Creative Things to Do with Your New Cell Phone

The hubby has a new sound effect for incoming text messages thanks to the new phone's ability to record sound. What do you think he chose? Why, one of his own farts! I mean, seriously. Why would you want to use something other than flatulence to mark the receipt of an SMS message? I'll just be sitting there watching TV or driving and I'll here the phone fart.

Luckily, I am not one of those gals who thinks that is gross. I actually think it's pretty funny. I wouldn't have put it on my phone, but it's certainly clever. I'll give him that.

On to yogurt...

I had forgotten the reason I buy non-fat and low-fat yogurt. I was reminded this week. When I was checking out at the grocery store, the cashier scanned my one little thingy of cream top (full fat, nothing reduced on this bad boy) plain yogurt (which I picked because it was the cheapest at this natural foods/farmers market store), and was all fired up about why people don't buy this particular yogurt. She asked me why I thought people didn't buy it. My answer was that maybe it's because it's plain (I needed it for my Hungarian saucy eggplant stew - normally, I stay clear of boring plain). Noooo - it's because of the fat! Why are people afraid of saturated fat? Blah blah, some muttering about mono unsaturated, yata yata, People should just use lard instead of that nasty plastic Crisco (this I agree with because Crisco is na-aaah-asty (!), except I'd use butter because of the whole animal-you-killed-to-get-the-lard). She was FIRED UP! I went with the flow, commenting that I don't care about the fat. But now I have an answer to this question next time someone presents it to me:

Full-fat yogurt makes me sounds like my husband's phone (see above).

It ain't pretty. No sir, for two days I had some of that yogurt on my stew and the rest of the day I was a coffee percolator complete with enlarged bloated stomach. After day 2 I figured out the problem. No thank you, I will take the non-fat yogurt.

More than you wanted to know, I am sure. Anywho.

I had to miss practice this morning because of a last-minute early morning meeting. Blah. No practice until Friday. But important to note was that on Tuesday morning, I actually was able to touch my fingers together *by myself* in marichasana D on the right side. How about them apples? It was the highlight of the practice for me. I think it's just a matter of a month of solid practice (3-4 times a week) and I will have it on my own. Woo hoo!


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